Tis The Season To Be Grateful – What I Got For Christmas

Christmas was swell. I’m now eating chocolate, surrounded by candles, wearing my Champneys soft white dressing gown, smelling of Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau de Toilette, about to bust open a bottle of Moët & Chandon. Who doesn’t love this time of year?! I’ve truely been spoilt ROTTEN!

My friends, family and boyfriend did incredibly well this year to make me the happiest girl in the world. My brother came down from London and we had Christmas lunch in my new house for the first time. Since I failed terribly at Blogmas, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon a little late and write a list of some of the lovely gifts I received this Christmas.

Tis the season to be grateful - What I got for Christmas | UK Lifestyle Blog

Fujifilm Instax pink mini film camera

Completely unexpected, my family bought me this gorgeous instant film camera in bright pink. I’m not usually a pink gal, but I fell in love with this in 2014 and had my heart on it since. This will come in handy when S and I set off on our adventure to Norway in January – but more on that soon!

Next heart embossed doormat

When you buy a house, you end up spending money on things that are quite frankly, boring. Occasionally, you forget to treat yourself to pretties for your home, when your constantly reading reviews for the best stain remover or the strongest bin liner. So, when you actually get something cute and practical – you just have to swoon! I LOVE THIS!

Merino mustard giant handknitted blanket

Handcrafted by my boyfriend, S. I’ve even got some videos knocking around of when he was at home making it for me, when I was at home – none of the wiser! It’s so warm and cosy, words cannot describe! Boy, is he good at surprises! It’s lucky, as I was on the edge of buying one myself. He’s so clever 🙂

😱➡️  A romantic stay in Devon + llama walking + IKEA = A happy girl 🤗🌸

Tis the season to be grateful - What I got for Christmas | UK Lifestyle Blog

A felt replica of Petal!

Okay, this is undoubtedly adorable – but actually very close to my heart too. I was confused when my brother said he collected my presented on Christmas morning, as it hadn’t long been finished. Much to my amusement, and shock, my ever-thoughtful brother had a felt replica of Petal commisioned by our friend Becky. Thank you so much!

Handmade in Cornwall silver stacking rings

I forgot to mention, all the gifts S got me (from stocking fillers, through to main presents) were handmade, by either him or someone else. He designed and commision a stunning set of rings to a silversmith based in Cornwall. I told you, he’s clever..

Tepee pet house

S didn’t forget Petal when he was buying handmade gifts. He picked up this awesome house for her and she absolutely loves it. This is easily one of my favourite presents of the day, and officially the best photograph of her. Waaaaa!

Tis the season to be grateful - What I got for Christmas | UK Lifestyle Blog

What did you get for Christmas?

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