Top Destinations To Consider When Planning a UK Stag Do

Stag do is one of the most enjoyed pre-wedding events for the groom and his friends because it’s the celebration of the last lap of his bachelorhood. Destination stag dos are an extremely popular choice when it comes to planning a stag do for the groom. The best man and other friends of the groom are responsible for throwing the groom friend a mind-blowing stag do and a destination stag do is the perfect way to host one.

Here are some of the top and popular choices of a destination stag do in the UK.

Top Destinations to Consider When Planning a UK Stag Do | UK Lifestyle Blog

Bristol, England

Bristol is a popular stag do destination because it is host to some of the finest clubs and pubs in the UK. It has a range of canal side pubs, comedy clubs, top-notch restaurants, etc. Bristol has got a really cool vibe and is a great place for some adrenaline-rushed activities as well.

You can take your stag gang out for a day filled with activities like skiing, hover-crafting, climbing, mountain biking, abseiling, and much more. Bristol is known for being an extreme sports destination in the UK for a reason. So if you want to plan a stag do fill with sports activities in the day and reputed nightclubs and pubs for the night, then Bristol is the place to go.

Brighton, England

Given the term ‘London by the sea’, this beach town is a party-loving town bustling with people looking to chill out and have fun. Brighton is just two hours away from London and if your idea of a stag do is partying like mad late at night, meeting some really mad, creative people, and just having a chilled-out stag do with your friends, then this place is perfect.

This town is really big on karaoke nights so your stag gang might have to hit some high notes at a Brighton stag do. You’ll be packing really light for a stag do in Brighton because it’s a warm town. You can indulge in a lot of stag do activities like archery, axe throwing, bubble football, clay pigeon shooting, dodgeball, shock football and much more.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This one needs a little introduction. The Scottish really know how to party, so you can rest assured that your Scottish stag do will not be a disappointing one. You can expect to enjoy some of the finest whiskies with your stag gang over here.

The countryside of Edinburgh is reason enough to travel here with your stag gang. The beautiful mountains, beaches have some great outdoor activities like cliff jumping, rafting, canyoning, and much more in the lap of Scotland’s best nature. Once you’ve had the best of nature you can get the best of nightlife in Edinburgh because there is no dearth of good pubs and clubs here.

London, England

Talking about the best stag do destinations in UK cannot be complete without talking about the capital of UK. This is one destination that will appeal to all kinds of stags in your stag gang, be it a culture vulture, party lover, art enthusiast, foodie, etc. There are a lot of tourist attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower of London and many more for your stag gang to enjoy.

Apart from the history and culture of London, there is amazing nightlife for your stag gang to party the night away at. In terms of stag do activities, there is a lot for you and your stag gang to indulge in. Some of the activities on the list would include a treasure hunt, cycle bus tour, escape rooms, paintball, knockout, etc.

In a nutshell;

These are some of the destinations which are extremely popular when it comes to throwing a destination stag do in the UK. These cities offer a range of activities and a good nightlife, to give a mix of both to a stag weekend. While each city has something unique to offer as well, one thing is for sure, whichever city you choose, you will have an unforgettable time at your stag do in the UK.

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