Transform Your Small Room With These DIY Storage Hacks

Townhouses and apartments seem to be becoming increasingly popular. Yet despite these smaller living spaces, the number of belongings we own only seems to increase. Which is why finding storage space in a small house can be a tricky task. It’s certainly easier to give up hope and just fill boxes with bits and bobs before stuffing them anywhere they will fit.

In reality the best way to fix this problem is to just not buy so much but sometimes that new Krups coffee maker can be too difficult to resist. If you have a surplus of items, you need to store you don’t need to hide them away in cardboard boxes. Why not make your storage worth having on show rather than something to hide?

If all the built-up clutter in your house is stressing you out, perhaps you should start by creating a relaxing living space before you begin making any DIY storage. However, if you feel ready to rid yourself of clutter, here are some creative storage ideas and tips for DIY safety suited for a small home.

Hidden Jewellery Storage

Do you have a lack of dresser space and a surplus of jewellery? Then this storage hack will come in handy. By creating hidden space behind mirrors and paintings you will have a unique DIY storage solution for your jewellery.

Transform Your Small Room with These DIY Storage Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

Space Saving Clothes Dryer

If you don’t have access to an outdoors clothing line, this minimalist clothes dryer is way to go. It’s a more compact version of the standard indoor clothing dryer so it’s ideal for a small living room space.

Transform Your Small Room with These DIY Storage Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The star design apparently allows for maximum air circulation and hanging space while being easy to fold up and store. It may not be a DIY project suited to a beginner but once you have a few projects under your belt, we’re sure you can tackle this one.

Under Bed Storage

Using the space under your bed in an organized manner (not just throwing items under there) can save you a significant amount of space. If you’re on the market for a new bed, consider investing in a bed frame with built-in storage, like this one pictured below.

Transform Your Small Room with These DIY Storage Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

Image from: Brosa

Or use roll out drawers for storing bedsheets, clothing and knick-knacks. It’s much easier to keep items organised this way. For a DIY solution, attach wheels to the bottom of old, wooden drawers, which will give you these rustic storage drawers.

Wall Storage

Attaching storage units to your walls is the number one storage hack for small rooms. There are so many ways you can get creative with wall storage. The possibilities of materials are endless: wood, woven baskets, mini shelves, metal boxes, fabric baskets, the list goes on. You can clearly see that it’s easy to adjust to suit the aesthetic of each room.

Transform Your Small Room with These DIY Storage Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

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In the bathroom, using ‘above the door’ wall storage is a life saver. The shelf can be home to items that you don’t frequently use, such as extra towels, bath products or cleaning tools.


Having great lighting in your small room can make a big difference. If there aren’t any large windows to let light in perhaps you should think about some artificial lighting solutions. There are so many brilliant storage hacks available for you to try, once you start you won’t be able to stop. You’ll be surprised about the amount of space you save by simply having effective storage solutions.

Transform Your Small Room with These DIY Storage Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog
If all else fails, you can always explore warehouse storage solutions to stash your belongings until you can make the space.

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