Unexpected Costs That Can Catch Out Wedding Guests! 💍💸

When we think of the cost of weddings, it’s usually the things that the bride and groom have to fork out for that spring to mind. From the venue to the dress, cake, photographer, and much more, there’s no denying how much of an expensive day it is for them. However, as a wedding guest, there are also significant costs to consider, and many of these aren’t always apparent right away. If you know you have a wedding (or a number of weddings!) to go to this year, don’t let these costs catch you out.

Unexpected Costs That Can Catch Out Wedding Guests! 💍💸 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Travel to the wedding and reception

If the happy couple is getting married a little further away from where you live, you have things like travel costs to consider. If you want to have a few drinks at the reception or if you don’t drive, you will need to look into other ways to get there. Public transport might be ok to get there, but as wedding receptions finish late you’d need to check if you can get back. Carpooling could be the answer if someone who lives close to you is also attending, that way you can split fuel costs too.

Your outfit

Attending a wedding is an opportunity to dress up nicely, and if you love clothes and fashion then this is always enjoyable. However buying a new outfit can be expensive, and if you don’t have that kind of cash to splash you’ll have to work out your options. Could you wear something you already own or borrow an outfit from a loved one who’s a similar size to you? You could check out charity shops, you might get lucky and find something that’s perfect for a fraction of what you’d pay in the shops. If you want to buy new, check out discount codes from vouchercloud and other voucher websites to make savings. You could also go through your favourite cashback website to get a few pounds back on the purchase too.

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The wedding gift

It’s good etiquette to give the bride and groom a gift at the wedding. Some will provide guests with an Amazon wish list and you can buy directly from there, if there are smaller items that fit your budget then you’re in luck. Otherwise, you could save money by making your own wedding gift, there are lots of ideas on Pinterest and makes for a personal present that won’t cost you the earth. When it comes to gift-giving it really is the thought that counts, but you can make some great practical and beautiful pieces with the help of online articles.

Missing a day of work

Most weddings are at weekends which suits most people work-wise- however, if you work shifts or weekends then you’ll need to plan ahead. Perhaps you will need to swap a shift or even work some overtime so you’re able to attend the wedding without it affecting your earnings for the week. If you don’t get paid any holiday pay, or you have no holiday left then these are all things to consider.

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