Ways To Style a Loft Conversion & Get The Most Out Of The Space

Earlier this year we agreed a sale on a lovely 4 bedroom house overlooking the Nature Reserve next to the beach in Cornwall. With everything happening in the world right now, it’s meant our house move has been delayed. It’s not all doom and gloom though, it’s given us a little extra time to save, and we can enjoy Summer without worrying about DIY and moving house in the blistering heat. After all, worse things happen at sea.

We’ve saved so much during the lockdown now, probably due to the lack of spa days. This means when we get into our new place we’re going to be able to do all the little things we’ve had up our sleeve, like converting the attic. We’re not quite sure what we want to do with it but I like the idea of it being a 5th bedroom with an ensuite for guests, so they can have their own floor, perhaps with a balcony over the Nature Reserve 🤔 Stay tune for updates over the next couple of months…

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Have you been itching to convert your unused attic space?

When styling a loft, it’s important to first consider what you’ll be using the space for. For calming spaces that offer a retreat from the real world, neutral hues and woodwork features may help to introduce a sense of tranquillity.

A hideout for the kids to play and make some noise, on the other hand, maybe better suited to bold pops of colour and fantasy feature walls. Luckily for you, in partnership with Simply Loft, we’ve covered all bases, so you don’t have to keep scratching your head for ideas any longer.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

For bedroom loft conversions:

Create a feature wall

To maximise the appearance of space in a newly converted loft, shades of white are often favoured for bringing light to a room. To introduce more life however into a crisp white space, consider the use of a bold coloured feature wall, brilliant for creating contrast.

Alternatively, for a newly converted children’s bedroom, a fantasy feature wall can present as a great canvas to paint your child’s imagination, from planets in the solar system to fire-breathing dragons. Patterned featured walls, using Trompe L’Oeil wallpaper, are also a fantastic option for creating the illusion of depth, making any small loft conversion automatically bigger.

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Loft conversion by Simply Loft at Charlton Park Lane, London.

Paint the door

Where a feature wall is not an option, a feature door can present as a good stand-in. Experiment painting with deep charcoal shades or subtle grey tones, as a dramatic feature point, to enhance any room.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Paint the floor

Although carpets can add an element of warmth and cosiness to any loft, to add more light to your loft and open up its space perhaps consider swapping out the carpet for painting the floor. Painted floors are brilliant at reflecting light and brightening up any room: something that a carpet simply can’t provide.

Exposed brickwork

If the thought of a patterned feature wall doesn’t take your fancy, exposed brickwork features are a fantastic alternative. For those who don’t fancy the idea of stripping back the plaster, opt for brick wallpaper to mimic the appearance without the hassle.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Recessed shelves

When looking at ways to make space in your newly converted loft, recessed shelves are definitely worth consideration. Recessed shelves make excellent use of dead space by cutting into portions of the walls.

Experiment with the shape of the recess, from triangles to circles, to introduce symmetry into your room or make use of awkward sloping roof angles. Recessed shelves can also transform a feature wall, using the spaces to hold books, plants and other decorative items.

Juliet Balcony

Breathing light and air into a freshly converted loft, a Juliet Balcony can be great for opening up space and letting you live out your Shakespearean fantasies. If the option is available, in the planning stages, it’s definitely worth considering.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Maximise the use of awkward space

If you’re a bit squeezed for space, why not consider using the eaves space, located between the slope of the roof and the floor, for storage. To accommodate the awkward angles, look into using custom cupboards and wardrobes built to slot into place like a furniture jigsaw.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If your loft is on the smaller side, mirrors can be a great way of giving the appearance of a larger space, as well as acting as a powerful tool to lift dark corners. Play around with positioning to find the best angle for capturing and reflecting your loft’s natural light.

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Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Let in the light

Take advantage of the wealth of natural light shining onto your loft by introducing skylights. Position your bed directly underneath your skylights and enjoy the peace of staring at the passing clouds, watching the stars, or listen to the comforting patter of rain.

And, why have one when you can have two? If it’s within the budget, double skylights are brilliant for creating asymmetry of light within an otherwise dark loft.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not change up the shape of your windows, opting for anything from a circle to a diamond, like this property at Rothesay Avenue, converted by Simply Loft.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

For bathroom conversions:

Adding some glamour

In bathrooms where cold, clean white prevails, to add a touch of warmth and draw out your bathroom’s best features, consider opting for an opulent metallic gold to embellish fixtures.

Brilliant bricks

If painting the furniture isn’t your style, why not have fun with the walls? Whitewashed brick walls provide a great backdrop to add occasional splashes of colour, with nautical tones of blues and browns adding the perfect beach house vibe to any bathroom.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

Free-standing features

If you’re planning for an ensuite to accompany your new bathroom, free-standing sinks are a great option to help free up space and maintain the illusion of a larger room. Check out the example below, as seen in the property converted by Simply Loft at Eddystone Road, London.

So, there you have it, a multitude of different options for styling and utilising your new loft conversion space to the max, regardless of whether you’re creating your dream bathroom or a peaceful sanctuary for reading and rest.

*This post is sponsored by Simply Loft, one of London’s leading loft conversion specialists, focusing on making every loft conversion project as simple and stress-free as possible. If you are looking to transform your own unused loft into a beautiful bedroom or living space then call the team on 0800 917 7571 or visit the website here.

Ways to Style a Loft Conversion & Get the Most Out of The Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

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