What The World Can Learn From The Koreans On Skin Care

Back then, France and Japan were considered the leading figures of the beauty industry. However during the 1980s, certain French companies have expanded their operations towards Korea where a few of their experts have created their own quality products. Within a few years time, South Korea has emerged as a leading powerhouse in the beauty industry where they provided several contributions in the market like Skinfood.

What the World Can Learn from the Koreans on Skin Care | UK Lifestyle Blog

Korean skin care includes:

  • Sheet masks
  • Essences
  • BB creams
  • CC cushions
  • The infamous 10-step skin care routine

All of which ensure dewy and radiant looking skin. Thanks to their continuous research and development strategies, it’s not surprising that the country has inspired countless businesses in the west. With their influence growing ever stronger, here are some tips we can learn from the Koreans in regards to skin care:

1. Focus on prevention.

In Korean culture, prevention is often favoured over treatment which is why many mothers and elder relatives encourage their children to start a proper skincare routine at a younger age. This include applying SPF regularly which helps protect their skin from harmful UV rays while also encouraging women as young as in their teens to start an anti-ageing regimen immediately.

This belief is reflected in the products they offer in the market. Many of which include SPF coverage, anti-ageing effects, and moisturisers that retain moisture and keep the skin looking firm and supple. With countless of treatments readily available, many believe that starting a skincare routine earlier in life is better than paying for costly treatments that can bring a lot of risks.

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2. Utilising natural ingredients.

In the past, countless of beauty companies have include parabens, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients in their product line. Many of which are included to add more enticing scents into their products while also increasing their shelf life. For Koreans, many of their companies have made it a point to shift to organic substitutes and using natural means to enhance their products.

One example is their various fermented skin care lines. Compared to mainstream products, fermented beauty products utilise bacteria to increase an ingredient’s potency, making it easy for the skin absorb while also enjoying its numerous benefits. Since many of these fermented products use natural ingredients without added chemicals, they also pose as a great alternative for those who generally have sensitive skin.

3. View skincare as self-love.

Other than viewing skin care as a means of preventing harmful skin conditions, Koreans also view it as a means to express self love and relax. In a world where constant pressure and stressors pose as challenges for people of all ages, it is very important that one takes the time to relax by taking the time to treat themselves to various beauty regimens.

Many people may be under the impression that taking care of our appearance is seen as shallow and superficial. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as countless of people have stated that taking care of yourself reflects how you respect and present yourself to the world. People who generally put an effort in their appearance indicate that they love themselves and are ready to face the world head on.

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4. Make skincare routines fun.

Many people often see skincare routine as a chore rather than a way to relax which is why many people often opt to skip their nightly ritual. This can be a huge mistake especially since every moment counts when it comes to taking care of yourself and your body. When we neglect to take care of our skin, it can lead to consequences that can affect our overall appearance and self esteem.

In Korea, many of their products are packaged in colourful bottles and jars that makes it hard to ignore. The reason they do this is because they want to appeal to a wider market and emphasise on how skin care can also be fun. Considering that there are countless of products available, one can pick and choose which product works for them without feeling pressured to buy the latest trend.

In a nutshell

With these key principles in mind, it’s no wonder that South Korea continues to be a global leader in the beauty industry. With their research and development team being years ahead of their western counterparts, it’s no surprise that we can learn a thing or two from them.

This include taking an active role in making sure our skin stays healthy while also emphasising that everyone can benefit from this routine regardless of your gender, age, income, and lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is also important to consult with a dermatologist before starting any new skin care routines.

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