Where Are Some Of The Most Luxurious Shopping Streets In The World?

Throughout the world, the luxury shopping possibilities in exclusive streets is continuing to grow. From London to Morocco and Singapore, every facet of the globe offers lavish shopping trips for high-end fashion designer and jewellery fans.

With so many locations to choose from, we’re going to highlight some of the most luxurious shopping streets that are not only available to millionaires but also avid window-shoppers.

Where are Some of the Most Luxurious Shopping Streets in the World? | UK Lifestyle Blog

Morocco Mall, Casablanca

Located in the Boulevard de Biarritz, Casablanca, shoppers will find the Morocco Mall. The structure was constructed by architect firm, Design International, before being opened in December 2001. Morocco is known for its ability to captivate visitors with its variety of enthralling marketplaces, and the luxury shopping mall is no different. Upon arrival, shoppers will conveniently find world-renowned brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton within the 250,000 square-meter mall.

However, unlike many other luxury shopping locations, the Casablanca outlet has a unique feature that has continuously fascinated shoppers. In an attempt to offer an engaging experience, the mall was constructed with a 31-foot-tall aquarium within the complex. Aquadream, the centrepiece of this luxury spot, contains over 40 different species of fish and along with its interactivity, seeks to emphasise the importance of educating on the importance of ocean preservation.

Orchard Road, Singapore

Over the last few years, Singapore has become a growing market among those who enjoy luxury shopping experiences, with Orchard Road being at its very core. The 1.3-mile-long street is retail heaven and a major tourist attraction for the city. The ION Orchard, a 66,000 square-meter space, is widely considered as Singapore’s most glamourous complex. Not only is the structure built with a combination of glass, marble and steel, but fashionistas can also enjoy shopping with luxury brands including Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and many more.

Orchard Central is another of the street’s must-visit destinations. Located on the main shopping belt, this shopping mall towers above all the others. With 14 floors than can be accessed by one of the six super escalators, the complex is perfect for both luxury and urban shoppers.

Where are Some of the Most Luxurious Shopping Streets in the World? | UK Lifestyle Blog

Oxford Street, London

Many incredible shopping destinations can be found in Europe. From Milan’s Via Monte Napoleone to Hamburg’s Der Neue Wall, the possibilities are almost endless. However, Oxford Street in London is considered to be one of the continent’s most luxurious shopping streets. The street itself is 1.5 miles long and offers shoppers the prospect of browsing over 550 shops and restaurants. Moreover, unlike other destinations, London’s premier shopping street isn’t just limited to just fashion and jewellery, with a wider emphasise being placed on innovation and technology.

Whether you’ve enjoyed a jackpot lottery win or not, Oxford Street has something for everyone with popular high-street brands such as Topshop and River Island neighbouring designer stores like Flannels and Selfridges, which occupies an entire street block. Aside from high-street fashion, Selfridges is the ideal destination for those seeking to buy luxury gifts and souvenirs.

Luxury Shopping is a Growing Industry

There can be no doubts that the number of luxury shopping locations have grown in recent times, and, because of that, high-end shopping has become a global fascination. With destinations such as the Morocco Mall, Orchard Road and Oxford Street continually evolving to ensure the availability of the latest designer trends, the luxury shopping industry is likely to reach new heights in the future.

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