Wholesome Ways To Spend Your Weekends During Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s when things start to quiet down in Cornwall, the holiday-makers go back home, and it’s the beginning of cosy evenings. I find it difficult to maintain a routine in the summer because I’m always trying to get the most out of the good weather. When it’s sunny I’ll take the day off and go to the beach, but then I’ll need to work in the evening to catch up, messing up my sleeping pattern.

That’s why when the temperature drops and the days get shorter, I feel a sense of relief. Autumn is the return of consistency, routine and productivity. When it’s a little chillier, it also forces you to be a bit more creative with how you spend your weekends, too. Instead of just going to the beach and lying in the sun, you end up doing things that are a little bit different, like foraging and exploring new places.

Here’s my favourite ways to spend Autumnal weekends:

Wholesome Ways to Spend Your Weekends During Autumn | UK Lifestyle Blog

Visit the pumpkin patch

One of the best things about Autumn is Halloween. We recently went to pick our own pumpkins at Healey’s Cyder Farm in Cornwall. There were a few options in the area but we decided to choose this farm because we’d never been there together, so we thought it would be a bit of a change. It’s also not been as heavily advertised as the other local farm – which apparently was absolutely rammed with people!

I have a tiny pumpkin on my desk and our larger pumpkins are out the front of the house. When it gets a little closer to Halloween we’ll bring them inside and begin carving them. I can’t wait to find some online recipes to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. I’m not so sure on my carving skills though…

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Wholesome Ways to Spend Your Weekends During Autumn | UK Lifestyle Blog

Explore the coastline

The fall is my favourite time of year to go for walks around Cornwall. It’s not overly crowded like in the summer and it’s usually a good temperature. Whenever we spot a dry weekend we go for a walk around the coast or visit somewhere on the National Trust map. I feel like we have way more options in the Autumn because dogs are allowed on the beach so we can take Alfie with us – meaning we usually stay out longer.

Autumn fashion is my favourite, too. So it’s a good excuse to fill my wardrobe with some cosy new additions and get some new knee-high boots. Femme Luxe asked if I wanted to feature some items from their website and I couldn’t resist this fawn coat. They also sent me some leather-look legging which I paired with a bodysuit and boots.

Wholesome Ways to Spend Your Weekends During Autumn | UK Lifestyle BlogLeather-look leggings and fawn coat soft wrap coat c/o Femme Luxe*

Go foraging and bake something

Foraging is completely legal in the UK, as long as it’s not on private land, you don’t anticipate selling what you’ve picked and you don’t uproot the plant. You can forage mushrooms, wild garlic, elder, seaweed, berries and nuts – there are full lists available online if none of those tickles your fancy.

It’s surpisingly how quickly you can fill a tub with berries, which is all you need to make a raspberry or blackberry pie. Remember to give them a quick wash when you get home before you begin baking. Also, bear in mind that you can’t eat all mushrooms and you need to be careful where you forage seaweed from. If you’re unsure then read online or go on a local foraging course to learn more.

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Wholesome Ways to Spend Your Weekends During Autumn | UK Lifestyle Blog

Begin sowing some seeds

I recently pressure washed the garden and started preparing the garden for winter. But just because the days are getting shorter and it’s gloomier outside doesn’t mean the garden can be abandoned just yet. If you’re planning on growing peas, daffodils, blueberries or tulips – now is the time. Wait for a dry day, roll up your sleeve and get in the garden, if you want a bit of colour by spring.

It’s difficult to motivate yourself to sow seeds, especially if you want instant gratification! It’s so much more satisfying though and considerably cheaper. My garden is mostly gravel and decking but over time we’re filling it up with more and more hots of herbs, flowers and shrubs. We’ve got a big new addition coming to the garden in the next couple of months, too. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wholesome Ways to Spend Your Weekends During Autumn | UK Lifestyle Blog

Author: Sam Charles

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