Why I Studied a Semester Abroad & The Best Countries To Consider

As I’ve always been a travel lover, during my time at university I opted to spend a semester studying abroad in Australia. I had the most amazing time; I made new friends, saw more of the world, and learnt things I never would have in the UK.

Why I Studied a Semester Abroad & The Best Countries To Consider | UK Lifestyle Blog

In case you’re thinking of studying abroad for part of your degree, I thought I would share some of the benefits, as well as a list of the best countries to consider studying in.

The benefits

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of opting to study abroad is getting to see more of the world. Unlike when you go abroad on holiday when you’re actually living in another country, you get a real feel for the culture of the place. You also get lots of time to see and explore the country.

Do you love meeting new people and making new friends? If you do, studying abroad is a fantastic option for you. You’ll get to study with a group of people who you’ve never met before and will be able to build lots of friendships. Many of which, will last for life. If you opt to live with a host family or halls, you’ll most likely become close to them as well as the other students in your classes.

Why I Studied a Semester Abroad & The Best Countries To Consider | UK Lifestyle Blog

You will also get the chance to apply to some of the best schools in the world. I was able to gain a place at Griffith University in Australia to study a combination of marketing and psychology modules. Griffith University ranks in the top 5 per cent of universities in the world. It has 43000 students on five campuses in South East Queensland.

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The great thing about taking part in a semester abroad is that you’ll get to learn in an entirely new way. The chances are that the college or university that you go to will teach in a different way to what you’re used to. This will teach you how to learn in new ways and adapt more quickly to change – both useful life skills to have.

The best places to consider

Take the time to review all the universities on your list, and find modules that are relevant. I already had an idea of certain parts of the world I wanted to visit, and then narrowed my list down to 3 – 4 universities.

There are lots of countries to consider when it comes to where to spend your time abroad studying. Where you can go may depend on which educational facilities your university has links with. Or, you may be able to choose any country that you want to spend a semester at.

Why I Studied a Semester Abroad & The Best Countries To Consider | UK Lifestyle Blog

I considered Japan (third on my list), however I was worried it was going to be too much of a culture shock and a language barrier. I didn’t want my education to be impacted by trying to overcome these daily challenges. I figured that moving somewhere new would make university hard enough, as it is!

Australia is a fantastic option if you fancy spending your time in another country that speaks English. Although you’ll need a visa and a clear criminal record to get into Australia, the application process isn’t too difficult. The same goes for Canada, which is another great option (second on my list!) if you want to study abroad in an English-speaking country. To find out more about Australia’s process of gaining entry to the country visit their home office website. To learn more about getting access to Canada, check out https://official-canada-eta.com/ and read up.

These three were at the top of my list, as I wanted to explore part of the world I didn’t usually get a chance to visit. Usually flights to places on my bucket list are pretty expensive but I managed to pick up flights for Spring Break to Bali from Australia for a fraction of the cost of what tickets from London cost. 

Why I Studied a Semester Abroad & The Best Countries To Consider | UK Lifestyle Blog

But if you would rather be a little closer to home, Europe can be a fantastic option. Admittedly, we don’t know how long we’ll be able to visit mainland Europe without a visa, thanks to Brexit. But for now, nothing’s changed. So if you want to study abroad somewhere that’s not too far from home, Spain, France or Italy are all great options.

So there you have it, a guide to the benefits of travelling abroad, as well as the best places to consider.

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