Winter Colours For Home Décor

The best thing about buying your first house (especially on your own!), is the excitement of decorating it! I’ve finally picked my colour themes, floorings and furnishings, now I just have to wait 6 – 8 weeks until I get the keys to my lovely 2 bedroom house, a stones throw from the beach in my hometown. When you see my colour schemes, you’ll understand why being single makes this even more fun.

I don’t often put up pictures of myself on the blog but I love this shot, just because it reminds me how soon it is until everything changes! As you can see.. I was determined to spend Christmas 2014 in my house, even if it wasn’t finished.

Winter Colours For Home Décor | UK Lifestyle Blog

With the rapid drops in temperatures, you need to keep your house warm with warm hues, not just by painting your walls, but also making use of those colours in your decorative articles and furnishings.

Grey backdrop:

Paint the walls grey with some white pastel additions. White sofa with silver, metallic grey and light blue will definitely add a subtle sense of warmth. A deep grey rug with metal blue patterns and designs will surely add up to the place’s warmth!

Deep pink:

This might lead to a feminine-themed room, but it sure is quite warm! You can fill up the walls and ceilings with red and violet tones and fill up the accessories with silver and metal. A white sofa will give an eye-catching impression when filled up with magenta pillows. A black carpet with white polka dots will add up some extra hues to the room. You might want to add some purple flowers or vases to make your main theme more prominent.

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Winter Colours For Home Décor | UK Lifestyle Blog

Carpe Diem framed print from Society6, Magical Thinking geo pendant via Urban Outfitters, Resin deer head via White Faux Taxidermy, Sheepskin via Barn Croft, Charles Eames RAR rocking chair via Vita Interiors, Bio-ethanol wall mounted fire via Fireplace Products, Ferm Living wire basket via Made in Design.

Perfect pair:

Olive green and eggplant colours are known to create a great combination! Paint your walls green and keep the ceiling neutral. Make your bedding with a combination of beige, crème, and aubergine to create a relaxing and moderately concentrated colours tone. With brown hardwood flooring, you will experience a sense of warmth during the cold winter days.

Charcoal Heaven:

Decorate your whole house with charcoal grey furnishings, walls, cabinets, coffee tables, and even decorative pieces. Keeping the same hue, use different accents in adjacent rooms so that they reflect each other and give a balanced look. Such inspirational colours palettes look admirable during sunsets if natural light is allowed to come inside.

Winter Colours For Home Décor | UK Lifestyle Blog

Wainhomes fitted stainless steel kitchen, Morphy Richards cream kettle and toaster via Only Electricals, Omega blender Bl360s via Juice Producer, Boskke sky planter via IWantOneOfThose.

White and eye-popping red:

With white walls and a light grey floor, place plain red couches and a few artistic pieces or paintings in darker accents of red. This deep, bold hue will complement the sofa and other minor details that come along with these colours.

Warm and rich:

There’s nothing richer and warmer than shades of chocolate brown coupled with denser tones of grey and pumpkin orange. Keep your orange on the wall that rests behind the bed and keep it illuminated with soft lights so that the colours are elegantly reflected. With a gentle glow of light, your browns and greys will stand out so that every element gets a deeper focus.

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Neutral and sophisticated:

You can easily strike up a neutral room with hues of brown and gold. With contemporary sofas and traditional armchairs, these tones will look decent and luxurious at the same time. Vaulted ceiling would look fabulous in such a room, coupled with double crown mouldings which are complemented by umber-toned accent walls. Additions with beige colours make the brown and gold even more prominent!

Winter Colours For Home Décor | UK Lifestyle Blog

Chiltern 115cm oak and cream dining table, chairs and bench via Oak Furniture Super Store.

These were some appropriate winter colours for home décor. Heating mechanisms aren’t the only solutions to freezing winters. Sometimes, even changing the colours of your rooms can automatically throw in a sense of warmth.

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