3 Tips To Beat Insomnia And Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you find yourself constantly tossing and turning through the night? It can be rather frustrating, can’t it? You begin to watch the clock on your phone slowly slide through the hours until there are only a few before you have to get up for work. They say a couple of hours sleep is all you need to function, but it sure doesn’t feel like that when you wake up.

There’s more bad news as well because a restless night’s sleep can even be bad for your health. It’s true because the body won’t have the rest it requires to rejuvenate and recover after a long day of work. There must be some way to get your sleeping pattern back on track and to get the sleep that you deserve. Well, there’s a few things I can suggest here.

3 Tips to Beat Insomnia and Get a Good Night's Sleep | UK Lifestyle Blog

Say Goodbye To Electricity

Supposedly, electromagnetic energy from devices like your phone can all impact your sleeping pattern. They can disturb it and twist it to the point where you can’t reach REM. If you don’t know, REM is the point of sleep where people find it very difficult to wake you. It’s the deepest form of sleep, and if you get there, you will have a silent night. There will be no bumps or jolts that wake you up, and you should sleep right through. Therefore, I suggest you switch off all these devices a few hours before bed. Some people even go as far as not having them in their bedroom. In an age where we are always connected and online, you might find this difficult. So, how about just putting your phone in the drawer, out of sight. You’ll still hear the alarm to wake you up in the morning.

Comfy And Cosy

If I can’t get to sleep, I often find it’s because I can’t get my perfect position on the mattress. Instead, I spend a good few hours readjusting myself and even then the mattress feels hard and lumpy. To avoid this, I suggest something like memory foam mattress Topper King. Memory foam remembers the form of your body, and that means that you’ll fit right into it. There will be no need to search for your sleeping position. It will be there when you get into bed, waiting for you. I also pop a couple of drops of lavender onto my cushion to send me off to the land of nod, even quicker!

Black Out

Does the smallest shard of light annoy you when you’re in bed trying to get some shut-eye? The answer you’re searching for is a blackout blind for your bedroom window. Use by rock stars and other people who are high maintenance a blackout blind allows you to complete block the light shining in from the window. Your bedroom will be completely pitch black, even in the middle of the day, when the blind is closed. This can be useful if you think light pollution is what’s keeping you up until the early hours.

I hope you use these tips to get to sleep and make sure that you have a silent night.

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