3 Travel Hacks You Should Never Underestimate

Travelling abroad is something that most people want to do more often. It’s a chance to gain some perspective and new experiences. We can clear our head, have an adventure, and return to the daily grind refreshed. With all the positives to be experienced while travelling, it’s sometimes easy to forget that it can be scary too. Many people experience anxiety when they travel. Before, during, and even when they have arrived at their destination can be a daunting experience.

We may really want to travel but feel like a new place would be alien to us or that we would miss our home comforts. Some amount of unforeseen circumstances are to be expected, but there are a few ways that we can make our travel experiences seem more like home.

3 travel hacks you should never underestimate | UK Lifestyle Blog

Talk to People

Talking to people includes people both before and during your trip. If you’re travelling abroad and don’t speak the language, why not make the effort to learn? Even with just a few phrases you can establish whether someone speaks English! Many hotel workers or restaurant staff now speak English all over the world. In fact, they often put us to shame with how many languages they speak! So make the effort to talk to them. Get local recommendations, share some jokes. Even be open about your worries and concerns in the area.

You are bound to feel more comfortable and accepted if you open up while you are there. Before your trip, be sure to get the tips and advice of family and friends. If they have been where you are going then so much the better! But even if not, they may have other tips they can share about budgeting, saving money, or packing.

Personalise your surroundings

When you arrive at your destination, really make yourself at home. If you’re renting an apartment, continue with your regular routine. If you like to make a tea or coffee in the afternoon do so. If you like to make your bed a certain way then adjust it. Even if you’re staying somewhere unusual like camping or a caravan you can personalise the space. Adding decorations to your tent makes it your own, or caravan porch awnings increase your space and personalise it. Get creative and you’ll instantly feel more at home in your space.

Take keepsakes

Many trips will require you to pack light, but taking a few keepsakes with you can usually be managed. The point of travelling is often to experience something new, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch with the familiar a little bit. Perhaps you have a piece of jewellry that reminds you of someone you love at home. You might have a family photo that always makes you smile. Maybe you snuggle up in the same cosy sweater every night and it makes you feel safe. Whatever the item, if you feel comfortable taking it with you then some little details can make you feel just enough at home.

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