4 Tips To Make An Early Morning Run a Routine

Most of us who are conscious of our health realise that waking up early in the morning and going for a run is beneficial for us. Staying fit means making sacrifices, but the result is in your favour alone. However, fitness goals never bear fruit for the majority, as we feel too lazy to hit the snooze button and get out of bed in the morning.

Getting out in the fresh morning air not only gives our lungs a fresh breather, but gives us a fresh start to the day. Putting our body into physical action early in the morning clears the head, gets the blood running, and prepares us for the day ahead. So what must you do to turn this once-a-week habit into an everyday ritual?

4 Tips to Make an Early Morning Run a Routine | UK Lifestyle Blog

Sleep Early

This sounds like basic advice but it’s also the most important to rule to waking up early and on time in the morning. As long as you are pushing your sleep late into night and devoting that time instead to the internet or television, you will never find yourself changing your habits. As the saying goes – early to bed, early to rise – it’s time to really follow it up now.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

In order to wake up fresh in the morning, it’s important that you’ve had a comfortable sleep at night, which means there would have to be no distractions. Turn off all electronics as they seriously disrupt the quality of sleep, and if you’re not too accustomed to sleeping in pitch dark, leave the curtains open. This way, when the early morning sun shines in your room, it gives you a reason to wake up.

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Get Organized

Waking up for a run and making it a routine isn’t as easy as it sounds because it essentially means that now you should be putting your life into perspective. You may have a cheat day where you don’t have a schedule, but most days, you should have a set sleep routine and a time for everything so that no task is left unattended.

Befriend Someone for a Run

If you don’t have anyone from home who is willing to accompany you on the run, then try to befriend someone at the park you go to. Having someone to share an early morning run will be motivational in itself and reason enough for you to wake up and show up. It creates a challenge and you’ll realize whether you are better off at changing your habits or not.

Setting goals for yourself, investing in comfortable running gear and choosing a pleasant location are all things that can help you make early morning running a routine. However, be mindful that unless you are willing to change your own habits for the better and realize that the benefit of it is only to you and to your health, no one can motivate you to make the change.

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