How To Make Your Kitchen Extra Spacious

If your kitchen is the sort of room that estate agents describe as ‘bijou’, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to make it appear extra spacious. Here are some top tips that could help you achieve precisely this.

How to make your kitchen extra spacious | UK Lifestyle Blog

Choose your cabinets with care

One of the most important features of kitchens is the cabinets they contain. These storage solutions can help to make or break the entire look and feel of the rooms. To help boost the available space in your kitchen, it’s important to select the right versions.

A great way to do this is you’re limited in terms of square footage is to make the most of the available height on offer. It’s now simple to purchase stylish and practical full height solid wood cabinets from firms such as Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets. These units enable you to store items in what may otherwise be wasted space.

Also, take a look at the corner cabinets available. These space-saving solutions make superb additions to kitchens of any size.

Be clever with furniture

It’s important to be canny with your furniture choices if you’re keen to make your kitchen seem larger. For example, folding tables and chairs can be a practical option. They can be tucked away when not in use. Additionally, think carefully about the materials you choose. Glass tabletops and minimalist metal or plastic chairs can give the illusion of more space.

I decided to go for the Chiltern 115cm Oak and Cream Dining Set with 1 bench and 2 chairs from Oak Furniture Superstore because they fit neatly underneath the table without protruding into the room, yet they sit 4 people comfortably! You can buy it online here.

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How to make your kitchen extra spacious | UK Lifestyle Blog How to make your kitchen extra spacious | UK Lifestyle Blog How to make your kitchen extra spacious | UK Lifestyle Blog

Think outside the box

It may also pay off to think outside the box – or outside the kitchen to be more precise.  Remember, you don’t have to house all of your kitchen items within the room itself. Objects that you don’t use regularly and that take up a lot of space can be shifted to cupboards or dressers elsewhere.

Clear the clutter

One guaranteed way to make kitchens appear cramped and small is to fill them with clutter. This means it’s a good idea to clear your countertops of any unnecessary items. As well as making the room more attractive, this will help to ensure that you have more space to work in while you’re preparing food.

When you’re deciding which items you need in your kitchen, be practical. Any possessions that you think you’re unlikely to use can be given away to friends, family members or charity shops. This approach ensures that the items won’t get in your way and nor will they go to waste.

In addition, make sure your kitchen doesn’t become a dumping ground for laundry, toys and other household objects.

Be wise with your window dressings and lights

Plenty of natural light can make kitchens appear more spacious, so it’s important to make the most of any windows you have. This means ditching dark blinds, curtains and other window dressings that block light. Try to let as much sunshine flood into the room as possible.

Think carefully about the lighting you install too. There is now an impressive array of products to choose from, including recessed lights and spot lights.

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