4 Ways To Prepare The Day Before Your Wedding

There are two types of event that require some of the most intense and diligent planning known to man. One is a military operation. The other is a wedding. When it comes to our wedding, we find almost every cliche about the event to be true. You will have a sleepless night prior, and butterflies in your stomach when you see your partner on the aisle. You’ll also likely have to make small talk with relatives you didn’t even know were part of your family. 

This all sounds very intense, and I’m pretty sure it is. With just 346 days until me and my fiancée tie the knot, some of my lovely friends have given me some advice to ensure we have the best day of our lives! I’ve decided to pop it into my post to remind me when it gets closer to the date we say ‘I do’, and hopefully to help any other fellow Brides2B who are walking down the aisle soon. 

4 Ways to Prepare the Day Before Your Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

Catch up on your beauty sleep

You need to sleep enough before the big day. Not only will this gift you energy for the intense duties ahead, but will help you enjoy them more profoundly. However, it’s likely the event will make you feel so nervous and excited the night before that you find it hard to sleep. It’s recommended to rest your head at least 12 hours before you sleep. Then, you have at least a few hours of restlessness in bed to take care of before you naturally sleep a full amount of time. If having trouble, consider taking a few herbal sleeping tablets to help your mind and body rest naturally.

Give your body the fuel it needs

It’s important to eat a full meal in the morning. A simple and relatively light but nutritious bowl of oatmeal and a banana can help, because this is both healthy and will stop you from feeling very sluggish. This way you will also have room for specialist catering. In an effort to look slim in a dress, many women will neglect to eat in the morning. This is not wise (why would deprive yourself of food?!), as you can feel faint on your wedding day without the correct nutrition. At the very least be sure to hydrate yourself effectively, especially on the warmer days.

Plan your bathroom breaks (yes, seriously!)

You need to plan your bathroom breaks well. Designate a close friend as your personal bathroom helper, and they should be able to help you out of the dress when it comes time. It sounds silly but depending on your dress, going to the bathroom can be a bit of a polava. Not to mention, you’ll probably want to touch up your makeup, and you’ll obviously get bombarded with people talking to you in the bathroom. Ensure you go before the entire service begins, as there’s probably nothing worse than listening to your vows while in desperate need.

Leave it up to the professionals!

It’s important to ensure that you hire professional services. From wedding photographers to the caterers, the best services will provide their goods but otherwise stay invisible from proceedings. Ensure they are accommodated for and they will give you a world-class service in kind. A few kind words and a small conversation with each of them before you begin proceedings can be a great way to both dialogue your wishes, and also keep the atmosphere of the wedding jovial for you both to experience.

Weddings can be stressful, worrisome and intensely choreographed. However, they can also be wonderful, emotionally liberating, and one of the best days of your life. With these tips in mind, the positive will massively outweigh the negative. Good luck, and have a wonderful wedding day!

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