Why Have A Mainstream Home When It Could Be Eclectic?

If you love reading interior design magazines, you will no doubt notice that there are lots of fashionable trends at the minute. Ones like vintage decor and minimalist design have been around for years already. In fact, they have been around for so long that they are now considered very mainstream.

Mainstream styles and designs are very popular because everyone knows that they will work. After all, they are tried and tested and suit the majority of homes. But why would you want a mainstream home when that means if will look just like everyone else’s? If you ask me, it’s much more exciting to risk an eclectic design as it will be highly persona and will allow your personality to shine through your home.

Why Have A Mainstream Home When It Could Be Eclectic? | UK Lifestyle Blog

Not sure you can be that daring with your decor? Sure you can; these tips will help you!

Go For Statement Furniture

Just looking at furniture stores, such as Danetti.com, shows that statement furniture is very much in at the minute. These include occasional tables and eye-catching chairs that are only used because of their wow-factor. Playing with statement furniture is a great way for design novices to experiment with an eclectic style. That’s because you can keep the colours and other furniture in your room fairly standard, but allow one piece of quirky, statement furniture to pop and command everyone’s attention!

Design A Focal Point

Another way you can add some quirk to your eclectic room is to design a focal point. For most people, a focal wall is a great start. Even though many eclectic rooms combine a range of different influences and designs, there should still be one area of focus in the whole room. For instance, a bright focal wall or a wall covered in a lot of artworks and wall hangings from DegreeArt.com.

Don’t Forget Practicality

Some people make the mistake of only focusing on the overall eclectic nature of their room and completely forget about utility. No matter which room you are designing in an eclectic manner, it is still important to remember that you need to live in there. So always factor in useful elements like coasters, bookshelves, blankets, and occasional tables into your room. They can help bring the eclectic design together and also bring a comfortable element to the room.

Think Carefully About Layout

It’s ever so easy to become too focused on colours and patterns in your eclectic design, but you shouldn’t ever forget about the layout of your room, as it can really make or break the overall style. Get the layout just right, and it can help make the room super cosy! Get it wrong, and the design might not flow as well as you had originally thought. One way to keep on top of the layout is to make sure you have a specific place for each item of furniture before you buy it!

So, there you have it – there are so many ways to add an eclectic style to your home and stay away from the mainstream!

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