5 Ways I’m Investing In Myself This Summer (and You Can Too!)

In our adult lives, we can easily end up stuck in a rut, I don’t mean a relationship or career rut, I’m talking about is a hobby rut! Working nine till five each day doesn’t leave us much free time to try out new hobbies or invest time in ourselves. The little spare time we do have, we usually end up just relaxing and hanging out with loved ones. I’ve decided to dedicate a few hours a week to do a bit of yoga practice, and learn to cooking and when it gets a bit warmer, to go running and get in the sea more. Here’s some more ideas of how you can continue to grow yourself, if cold water and being in the kitchen isn’t your thing:


If you are interested in eating healthier, the best way to achieve this is to get creative in the kitchen. Cooking yummy and nutritious meals is very easy. However, baking healthy treats is slightly trickier and requires a bit more imagination. It is possible, though! If you substitute regular wheat flour for a healthy alternative, such as rice flour or spelt, your bakes will be lower in carbs. You can also smuggle ingredients that are super good for you into your cakes and biscuits, like in an avocado chocolate cake!

5 ways I'm investing in myself this summer (and you can too!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

Read the tasty recipe over at Blissful Blog here.

 Learn an instrument

Even if you only have a spare hour after work, that’s plenty of time for some music practice! Start off with an easy-to-learn instrument, like a recorder. Once you become competent with it, you could progress to the likes of clarinets or flutes! Another suitable instrument for beginners is the piano.Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy one. There are many Piano Hire companies who offer reasonable prices.

Learn a language

Learning a language is useful is you are a regular traveller, and it will also help to keep your brain at its best. If you are very serious about learning a new language, you could sign up for classes at your nearest night school. It is also possible to learn on your own as well. Apps such as Duolingo mean it is now easier to become quite advanced in a language without any formal education.

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Reading is a great hobby that most of us forget about. It’s all too easy to blame the lack of time for not being able to read. But there are plenty of ways to make time for books. Why not go up to bed twenty minutes earlier than you normally would and read a book in bed? Reading allows us to lose ourselves in new worlds. It’s a fantastic way to stimulate the brain!

5 ways I'm investing in myself this summer (and you can too!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

Arts and crafts

Unleash your artistic side by starting arts and crafts hobbies. Sewing and knitting are now back in fashion, and you will find plenty of beginner’s guides online. Making greetings cards is also a popular craft hobby. You will be able to find all the materials you need in your local art shop or hobby store. If a loved one’s birthday is coming up, then you have a great excuse to get arty. You can make them a birthday present!

So don’t just veg out in front of the TV after work. There is so much more to keep you entertained!

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