52 Pieces Of Business Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs

People always ask me for business advice and whilst I’m certainly no expert, I’ve picked up a couple of things over the last 5 years. So, here are some things I’ve learnt and along with the best advice I’ve received from people far more successful than me…



52 Pieces of Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs | UK Lifestyle Blog

👉 There’s never a right time to start a business – just do it!


👉 Make sure you have a financial safety net before you quit your job


👉 Force yourself to go to networking – it’s worth it


👉 Research free mentoring and business skill workshops in your area


👉 Don’t run to get a business loan, see how profitable it is first


👉 Get an accountant, they’re worth their weight in gold


👉 Speak to a professional before going Ltd – it comes with challenges


👉 Try not to rely on one big client


👉 Do your research on invoicing platforms from the get-go


👉 Freelance or business owner, always have a separate bank account


👉 Check your digital footprint before promoting your name


👉 If you’re choosing a business name, check it hasn’t been taken


52 Pieces of Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs | UK Lifestyle Blog


👉 Find yourself a business mentor that you trust


👉 Don’t work in the evenings or the weekends – take a break


👉 Start using a project management system from day 1


👉 Track and celebrate your successes, no matter how small


👉 Religiously use your calendar to set meetings


👉 Start your day by planning out your tasks


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👉 Don’t forget about expenses and always collect receipts


👉 Always get a down payment or payment upfront


👉 Make sure your LinkedIn and other social media channels are up to date


👉 Get into the habit of time-tracking when you’re working


👉 Ask your first few clients for testimonials, they’re so important


👉 Always save % of your earnings for tax


52 Pieces of Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs | UK Lifestyle Blog


👉 Stop comparing yourself to your competitors


👉 Set yourself a routine


👉 Some people find it lonely, research co-working spaces if this is you


👉 Get yourself some business insurance


👉 Remember you have two ears and one mouth for a reason


👉 Automate your invoice reminders


👉 Careful to monitor when you reach the VAT threshold


👉 Always get a signed Statement of Work before you start working


👉 Check-in with yourself and make sure you’re happy and healthy


👉 Subscribe to business and freelancing podcasts


👉 Under-promise and over-deliver


👉 Keep an archive of past work that’s well organised


👉 Consider taking a business course online


👉 Never sell your time by the hour, set a project or day rate


👉 Find freelance friends that you can relate to


👉 Get back to your clients in less than 48 hours


52 Pieces of Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs | UK Lifestyle Blog


👉 Create processes and templates whenever you start something new


👉 Always be completely honest with clients and suppliers


👉 Turn notifications off on your phone, it’ll drive you crazy otherwise


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👉 Make sure you have solid contracts


👉 Read as much as possible – both online and offline


👉 Keep communication going with you and your clients


👉 Don’t lower your prices, instead, tweak your offering


👉 You should never feel bad chasing invoices


👉 Never, ever work for free – trust me, you don’t need to


👉 Automate onboarding when you begin starting with a new client


👉 Remember to increase your prices every few months


👉 You’re allowed to say ‘no’ to prospective clients


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Author: Sam Charles

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