6 Room Designs Under Stairs That You Should Think About

We all seem to want and need more space these days. Moving home may not be an option and so making the best use of space within a home is simply essential.

There are some common places in any home that are utilised as storage space and utilised well. There are other places, however, that are sadly lacking and miss our gaze. If you are on the hunt for more storage space, with some clever design ideas and ideal fixing solutions from Balustrade Components, you will find that under the stairs could be just the place…

You may also be fortunate enough to have enough room under the stairs in some part of your home to create a bedroom. This could be an additional guest room, or one that is the permanent base for someone – just make sure you have all the necessary planning and certificates, etc.

A common build project at the moment is to look into the foundations of a property. The cellar can be an often under-used asset of a building. In some cases, utilising this space takes no more building work than making the attic into a usable space.

Either way, the addition of stairs to space can be a fantastic opportunity to use this space – and with these six tips and ideas, you really will create something spectacular.

It may not be the biggest area in the world, but with these clever hints and tips, it can be…

6 room designs under stairs that you should think about | UK Lifestyle Blog


It may be an odd shape but, with some well-placed boxes or shelving, it can be a great mini-library space.
In a smaller space, what can help deflect more light and make it feel bigger, is the use of glass. Naturally reflective, glass shelving will also allow light into space, as well as casting about space too. This works just as well with natural light, as well as ambient light. Just because you have space under the stairs doesn’t mean it has to be filled choc-a-bloc with stuff either. Give an increased sense of space by arranging your shelving separately, with wall space in between.

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Make it into a cabinet

If having items on display are not your thing, you can still utilise the space under the stairs. Creating a cabinet is a great way of using the space. And don’t think that the awkward bit at the end is useless either. Have a step-like structure built in there too and have a few family photos or your favourite books left to rest in space. Everything you want to be hidden away can be in the cupboard.

Intricate design

We are all different. We all have likes and dislikes. If you want privacy, then an open plan under the stair wardrobe-set-up will not be your thing.
On the other hand, for people who don’t mind admiring their shoes or tie collection, there are plenty of ingenious solutions for using the whole of the wall space under the stairs. Use every inch of space, either with cubed shelving and make sure you use as much of space as possible for drawers and so on. There are some incredible designs online, as well as some outlandish but workable ideas from various department stores, etc. Teamed with a magnificent staircase, it really can be an amazing space.

6 room designs under stairs that you should think about | UK Lifestyle Blog

Colour is key

Most under stairs bedrooms tend to be tight on space but this should not deter you from using colour effectively in space. Dark colours can add drama but can also close down space. Glass, on the other hand, adds drama without detracting from the room you have available.
Light woods and metals, such as aluminium, also give it a unique, designed feel without bringing over bearing. Why not use a complimenting colour, but allow a glass balustrade to be the start of the show?

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Privacy in an open area

Not every under stairs bedroom is a permanent fixture e.g. space is used for impromptu guests and so on. But it can still be used.
Many homeowners have a bed built into space that is then unfurled when a guest comes to stay. This way, everything remains looking like a hallway or under stairs space, but it is an area that works hard.

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