Here’s How I Would Create A Stunning Bedroom

I have to admit that I use my bedroom for far more than sleeping. I know a good sleep routine suggests otherwise, but I love my bedroom. I want to be in there. If I want to have peace and quiet so I retreat to my room. If I want to read a couple of chapters of the latest book I bought, I’ll do it sat up on the bed. I get dressed in there, I do my hair and makeup there. And, of course, I sleep in there.

As this room is so multipurpose, it has to be just right for every mood I’m in. I want it to look gorgeous, and I want it clean and tidy all the time. I like a chic and stylish appearance for my room, so my duvet cover sets and the wall art need to match the curtains in style and colour. I also like to have a couple of extra cushions on the bed for when I’m sitting up reading. They need to be the same colour. For a final splash of colour, I like to have a big soft rug on the floor. Luxury!

Here's How I Would Create A Stunning Bedroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

Space is always a problem in the bedroom. Fashion is important to me so, naturally, I have a lot of clothes. I need two double wardrobes and a good clothes chest at least. And that’s after vacuum packing the out-of-season apparel! Still, to make it work, storage and dividers inside the wardrobe are essential.

There are some great wardrobes with shoe racks and pull-out drawers. These are so handy. I can have long items on one side, and shirts and tops hanging on the other. I’ve got shelves and places to stow some of my other things as well. I like to have organisers in my bedside drawers too, so I can put everything neatly back in its place.

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For a truly stunning bedroom, I would love to have an elegant dresser with a tilting mirror stand. There would be drawers in there as well, so I could organise my hair products and makeup neatly. Storage is a big deal for me, and I like everything to have its place. It keeps the room tidy and functional. Most importantly, it looks awesome!

For a truly stunning bedroom, you need to have a truly stunning bed. I would love an enormous four-poster bed with curtains. I’m not sure I’ve got the room for that right now, though. I love wood for its appearance and texture this season, so wooden floors would definitely melt my heart right now. Even some wooden panelling would be quite nice around the walls.

The lighting in the bedroom is important to me because it’s quite a dark room and I like to read and do my makeup in there. Touch lamps are great when you need a light on in a hurry. I’ve thought about having the main ceiling light on a dimmer switch too. I like it pretty bright when I’m getting ready for the morning or a night out.

Extra mirrors would finish off my stunning bedroom nicely. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours for the bedroom because it’s so calming. It’s bright enough to make an impact still, though. How’s your bedroom looking?

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