6 Signs To Know If He’s A Keeper Within The First 15 Minutes Of A Date

As many people can attest, there are men who pretend on the first date to fool a woman into thinking that he is interested in her or that he has fallen for her. Once women are aware of this potential risk, the next questions that they should ask are: How then can I tell that a man is truly into me, that he is worth giving a chance, or that I should even commit myself to him?

Here are some signs that may show a woman that he is he’s a keeper on the first date:

6 Signs To Know If He's A Keeper Within The First 15 Minutes Of A Date | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. He didn’t turn up like he just rolled out of bed

If he appears to be well groomed, showing that he took his time to look his best, then it is clear that he cares about you. You will undoubtedly notice someone who went out of his way to give you a great first impression and to win you over. On the other hand, if he does not try to look amazing on the first date, then chances are he won’t care later in the relationship as well, if you manage to even move to the next level with him.

2. Conversation flows naturally

To know if he is the one for you, the top sign on the list is the way the conversation between both of you flows. You feel free and comfortable to talk about everything with him. He lets you express yourself freely and does not appear to be judging you, and he does not make you hold back or feel nervous when you disagree on some matters. You can both speak without any reservation, and your conversations are interactiveβ€”they are not monologues.

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3. Keep an eye out for the little things

A woman can tell if a man is the one for her if he makes kind gestures, even very small ones. For example, he may bring you a gift or choose a venue that is in line with your taste. Maybe you connected online through a dating site, like happymatches.com, which is a great site for connecting lovers and even fixing up sugar relations.

As you have been chatting, he has gotten to know your likes and dislikes. He seems eager to make you happy and thus gets you something that you previously said you would like, demonstrating that he is an attentive listener. Such acts indicate that he deserves a second date.

4. You are comfortable being YOU around him

When you do not have to put on a front or be hard on yourself around him, you may take that as a sign that he is the one. Also, you feel comfortable talking to him about almost anything, and he also appears comfortable to reciprocate.

5. Watch how to treats other people

A guy who is kind to those serving you, for example waiters and the staff at the hotel or restaurant, will likely treat you well, too. Conversely, if he is full of contempt for those he may deem lower than him, he will most likely not treat you as well.

Final words

It is crucial to have in mind that not every good guy may be the one for you, or that showing the above signs does not automatically mean he is the one. Thus, you should remember that, as you check for the above indicators, there could be more than meets the eye. All the same, you also have to be aware of what signals you send to guys, and most of all listen to your gut feeling when looking for the above signs, which can help you spot the right man.

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