Why I’m Filling My Wardrobe With Ankle Boots This Fall

As you know, I love the outdoors. There really is nothing like being outside, doing something exciting that also lets you get close to nature. Naturally, my wardrobe reflects the lifestyle I lead. I am always looking for clothes, and footwear, that are practical. However, I also like to look good, so I also want fashionable clothing, shoes and boots.

When I go shopping, I am looking for style, as well as substance. Recently, I have been looking for ankle boots. The weather is changing, so sandals and soft shoes are pretty much out, as a result I need to buy some more footwear. Below is my roundup of ankle boots that look good, but are also practical.

Why I'm filling my wardrobe with ankle boots this fall | UK Lifestyle Blog

Cowboy boots

This year the cowboy boot is back, but it has been given something of a facelift. The basic cut is there, but the lines are smoother and sleeker than normal. You will find this boot in a range of finishes, including high gloss, suede and patent leather. There is no garish embroidery, or toecaps, so they look smart, and quite sophisticated. But, they are also comfortable.

With this design of boot, there is plenty of room for your toes to move around. The heels are not high and the shape makes them a very stable boot to walk in. Many designers have also resisted the urge to thin out the sole. As a result, you get good insulation between your foot, and the ground.

Now, I am not saying you would want to go on a long hike in these boots, but they would be fine for a long walk in the woods with the dog. You would just have to make sure that it was not too wet, and be sure to have worn your boots in a bit before walking too far in them.

Flat ankle boots

Interestingly, many designers have opted to produce flat ankle boots. These are not my favourite style, but they are definitely practical, and will look OK with jeans. You can easily fit a pair in your backpack for a weekend away or a camping trip. Ideal if you do not want to wear your hiking boots all day.

Square-toed boots

Another comfortable option is square-toed boots, and there are lots of those around these days. It is relatively easy to find options that feature solid soles and heels that are low enough to allow you to walk in them. Again, they are not going to work for a hike across rough terrain, but they are going to comfortable for using while sightseeing.

Again, there are compact versions available that are just high enough to support your ankle, but look more like shoes. These designs are compact, which makes them ideal if you are travelling, and do not have a lot of space.

As you can see, it really does not matter what style of ankle boots you need, this year, you are going to be able to find exactly what you want. All you have to do is to spend a bit of time shopping around for the right pair.

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