7 Reasons Why I Think You Should Quit Smoking Right Now

For a lot of people, smoking is one of their favourite pleasures. It helps them to relax, socialise and have some time to themselves. But many get to a point where they want to give up. Maybe they want to be healthier, they don’t like the smell anymore, or they’re worried about exposing their family to the smoke.

If you smoke and aren’t sure whether to give up, I can tell you that you should. When you quit, it has loads of health and beauty benefits. You’ll look and feel better, and you’ll have more money too. Here are some great reasons to give up right now.

7 Reasons Why I Think You Should Quit Smoking Right Now | UK Lifestyle Blog

Better Looking Skin

You might already know that smoking is bad for your skin. But did you know it actually ages you? When you stop, you can slow the ageing of your face and delay the appearance of wrinkles. Your circulation improves when you quit smoking, so your skin will get more nutrients, including oxygen, and you can get back a more youthful complexion.

Whiter Teeth

Tobacco can colour your teeth in nasty yellows and browns. Giving up will stop your teeth becoming stained, and your breath will be fresher. Not only that, but you’ll have better oral health. Ex-smokers are less likely to have gum disease and lose their teeth too early.

Live Longer

Quitting smoking cuts down your risk of several grave and life-threatening diseases. Some of these conditions include heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis. You’ll extend your life, giving you more time to do the things you love. In fact, you’ll start to feel better all around, in both your physical and mental health.

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Cut Down on Stress

Addiction to nicotine can make you more stressed, which isn’t good for your health or your beauty. Although satisfying your cravings might feel relaxing, it’s only temporary. Once you’ve learned to overcome the cravings, you’ll feel much more relaxed. Less stress will mean better sleep and a healthier body altogether, so you’ll look better too.

More Energy

When you quit smoking, your circulation and breathing will improve. You’ll have more energy for physical activities, and you’ll also have a better immune system. If you want to quit in stages, e-cigarettes are a popular choice. You can find more information about using vapourisers before you decide to buy one.

More Money

One of the best things about giving up smoking is how much money you’ll save. Smoking is an expensive habit, and you’ll be able to save much more when you’re no longer buying cigarettes. You could have hundreds of pounds more each month to spend on clothes, makeup or whatever you want.

Protect Your Loved Ones

If you’re not sure about quitting for your own health, what about the health of your family? Experiencing your secondhand smoke is dangerous to them, and they probably worry about you too. Make them happier and healthier by giving up.

Are you an ex-smoker? How has quitting improved your health and lifestyle?

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