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Blogging is one of the best ways to drive back to your website. If you are blogger, then it’s time to get serious. Starting up with blogging and doing nothing to improve the visibility of your blog would not solve your purpose. Rather, you need to formulate a strategy and implement it to reap the results you always hoped for your business. As per the latest researches, it has been found that majority of the web users; do not go beyond the first page results.

Therefore, to attain the interest and attention of the web users and make them indulge in your products and services, it is important for you to make your website/blog secure the higher positions on the search engines. In this article, we are going to put light on various tools that can improve the visibility of your blog and bring back massive traffic.

Blogging Tools To Increase Your Traffic | UK Lifestyle Blog

Perform competitor analysis withSEMRush

For a business, it is crucial to utilize keywords which are relevant to your business, products and services. SEMRush tool help you analyze the keywords that your competitors might be utilizing. A free version of SEMRush gives you a list of top ten keywords, that your competitors might be using and you might be missing.

Use CoSchedule

You need to post regularly on your blog, to keep your visitors engaged. For this, you need to be organized and consistent while posting content. You may use another simple and easy to use tool, called CoSchedule, with which you can plan your content for weeks ahead and schedule it in editorial calendar when it is ready.

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tool lets you know the performance of your website. With this tools, you can know how many visitors are visiting your website, impressions and from where they are coming to your website. All these things play a vital role in helping to re-define your marketing strategies.

Focus on email marketing with Ontraport

Building e-mail subscribers are important as when a potential customer reads your e-mail, he may feel urged to check the offer or a great deal. You can take your e-mail marketing strategies to the next level with the help of this great tool- Ontraport. It is a marketing automation tool with email at its core.

Use Canva to make your blog attractive

Beautiful and relevant images increase the attractiveness of your blog. Therefore, if you are a blogger, you need to have some good quality relevant images on your blog that can attain the interest of the web users. With the help of Canva, you can choose from a wide range of templates and upload your own images to make it look better. You can also customize images, change colors, add text etc.

Those were several tools that can improve the visibility of your blog on the search engines and drive huge traffic back to your blog. Using these tools, you cannot only make your blog informational and attractive, but also market it effectively.

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