Celeb Secrets: Inflight Beauty Essentials For Every Female Traveler

I’m writing this post at 11pm on a Friday night after the craziest couple of days in London with one of my best friends. On Wednesday morning we flew to the big smoke from Cornwall to attend the UK Search Awards because I was shortlisted for ‘Young Search Professional’, eek! More on that soon.. but we were basically just planning on staying the night and going home the following morning.

Thursday morning, our Uber and all the trains heading to Gatwick are cancelled – now what?! Needless to say, I was feeling a bit bummed out that the night previous I didn’t take home the trophy and now we missed our flight home. Well, we decided to make the best out of a bad situation.. we checked ourselves into the Hilton, hit the shops and indulged ourselves in delicious sushi and bubbles (PS: My Instagram account might make you weep).

I promise to write more about London soon, but first things first.. Have you seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé step off a plane after a long tiring flight but they are still looking like they just stepped out of the salon? HOW DO THEY DO THIS?! I mean, SERIOUSLY how they manage to pull off such a feat even with the dry cabin air they have to deal with? Well.. after this weekend I know I’m going to be heading to the city more often, so I decided to do a little bit of detective work, and here’s the answer:

Celeb Secrets: Inflight beauty essentials for every female traveler | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Facial wipes

Cleaning your skin while on the plane before and after you take a nap is recommended. It would be quite inconvenient to have to go to the plane’s bathroom to wash your face so your facial wipes would come in very handy here. You may not use your wipes often as part of your daily beauty routine, but on a flight, the case will be different.

Facial mist

A lot of celebrities swear by this. It is an important part of your inflight items as it helps to replenish the moisture the dry air on the plane takes from your skin. With the spray, your skin becomes elastic and moist as opposed to looking dry and tight. Mary Greenwell, a celebrity makeup artist, says that she sprays a mist on her face throughout every flight.

Sheet masks

Instead of just sleeping during your flight, why not throw a little spa session into the mix? A sheet mask will help restore moisture to your skin as well as brighten it. You can even have a little fun while wearing the sheet mask and make a little video on how to apply it. After all, you will have quite some time to kill on your flight.

What about the hair?

Celebrities love to apply oils such as coconut or argan oil to their hair as this will help prevent the hair from becoming dull or flat and getting tangled up on the seat’s headrest. They apply the oil and then put their hair up to take it down when they land. Vogue Editor, Calgary Avansino, even takes it a step further by plaiting her hair and taking the plait out upon landing which gives it a great look.

Eye roller, mask or gel

Dark circles under the eye and puffy eye skin are some of the things that you can expect to take away from a long flight. If you do not want to step off the plane looking like a racoon, you would need to get something for your eyes. You could use a roller which helps with massaging your eyes. Also, you could use a gel or a mask which would add moisture and radiance to your eyes.

There are a lot of products and tricks you can take advantage of while inflight and these are just a few. Have a beautiful flight, and just hope that you’re not held up in the departures lounge due to a delay![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Author: Sam Charles

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