Day Dreaming Of Grand Designs – Guest Post

This year my partner and I have decided that it will be the year to finally finish the garden and get ourselves the great outdoors that we can enjoy with our friends and family over a long bank holiday weekend.

Since we’ve been in our humble abode we’ve already managed to conquer most rooms of the house, but with the typical British weather being its usual self, the garden has always dropped to the bottom of our to-do-list.

But this year with no holidays booked, we’ve decided to dedicate our time to making our outside space a little more welcoming than its current overgrown state.

Of course being two different creatives we’ve both got our own ideas of what we want, so in an effort to find a middle ground we now share a Pinterest board of our ideas.

Simple but effective, it has helped us to better visualise each other’s ideas, and start to bring our plans to life.

The Decked Bedouin

For our back garden we’ve decided to combine his love for fire pits and my passion for glamorous Moroccan design. Using fresh vibrant colours that are reminiscent of warm summer days, I want as many cosy cushions and bean bags to be scatted across the deck to bring a true sense of comfort.

Day Dreaming of Grand Designs - Guest post | UK Lifestyle Blog

I can’t think of anything dreamier than spending a lazy summer day in the garden with a good book. As well as adding light by night with a roaring fire pit, I also want to spread a little magic with the inclusion of fairy lights.

In a dream world, I’d also include some exotic plants such as these, that can add a new dimension to our traditional British garden. But with my experience in plants unfortunately I can’t imagine them lasting very long. I can’t spell or pronounce most of them, let alone look after them.

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So instead I might be a true gardener’s worst nightmare and opt for the faux variety.

The Modern Front

The plants that are currently guarding our front door have been increasing in size every year, so it’s about time we had a tidy front of house to welcome our guests, rather than have them battle through an array of boisterous plants to get to our front door.

Day Dreaming of Grand Designs - Guest post | UK Lifestyle Blog

More vision boards have been built for this as well, but with a much more minimalist approach.

As the front garden isn’t exactly the most important feature and one that rarely gets noticed, we’ve decided to use some grey coloured stone such as this, and then accessorize with potted plants to keep any maintenance down to a minimum.

If you’re looking to take on any new projects for 2015, I’d definitely recommend using Pinterest as a guide. Without it we’d probably still being discussing the difference between blue and grey slate.

As much fun as it is to put our own stamp on the house, it can often be a struggle to agree on the same idea. Don’t forget to think practically and take advice from others who’ve been there and done it.

Disclaimer: Some posts on this blog are in collaboration with brands but all thoughts are my own

Author: Sam Charles

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