Dressing For Winter Fitness

The temperatures are beginning to drop, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working out or feel forced to join a gym. In fact, many people argue that winter is the most important time to stay healthy because our bodies are programmed to think they need to store fat to keep us warm.

The feasting that takes part in the holidays around Christmas doesn’t help, either. Don’t worry though, there’s still hope. If you want to stay fit and train outside during winter while remaining warm and comfortable, this clothing guide should help.


Dressing for winter fitness | UK Lifestyle Blog


The upper body

Get yourself a long sleeve shirt with thumb holes so it doesn’t move when you exercise. A high collar will also make it easier for you to tuck your chin in. Wear an insulated vest under the shirt to ensure that your movements aren’t limited. It is also a good idea to get a quilted vest so it can regulate the temperature of your core and keep you warm. Vests like the ones found on Fire Label have mesh panels on the back for extra ventilation.


The legs

When it comes to your legs, you need something that gives you full range of motion while keeping the heat in. There are a lot of tights for athletes that have fabrics which are perfectly suited for exercising. Make sure the material is stretchy, wind-resistant and warm. If you start to get a little too warm, ankle zippers make it easier for your legs to cool down. Running skirts can also warm your thighs without restricting mobility.

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Smaller body parts

If you’re still feeling the cold, it’s a good idea to wrap up some exposed areas, like the neck, head and hands.

Running gloves are light and perfect to keep your hands warm. Some of these gloves even let you use your smartphone while wearing them. With a special fabric used on the thumbs and fingers, they allow you to take pictures, use your exercise apps and change your music playlist without having to take off the gloves.

Tunnel scarves made from a soft material are perfect for keeping your neck warm. You can also use them as a face warmer and tuck in your chin, mouth and nose.

Did you know that you lose 30 percent of your body heat through your head? To keep your head and ears from freezing in the cold winter air, wear a light, lined hat with breathable fabric.

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