Get Light And Space Into Your Home

Coming through the dark and gloomy times of the year can be tough. Lighter evenings and brighter mornings can seem a long way off. Getting the light into your home makes such a difference to the way we live and feel. Light and the space it creates, can make our homes feel more spacious and inviting.

Opening up our homes means we can maximise the spaces we already have, just in ways we might not have thought of. Here are some excellent ways to get light and space into your home. These are easy ways to transform your home into a light filled paradise to love and live in.

Get Light and Space Into Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get rid of the walls

Not the supporting walls that hold up the house. These walls are the stud partitions that divide up the downstairs spaces. You’ll need a builder to tell you which walls can come out. They will also tell you which walls can be opened up with support. This is a key area of the modern light filled home. We have moved away from the separate, kitchen dining and living areas. These rooms were often divided up, making smaller gloomy spaces that today serve little purpose.

Today’s best designed homes are light and open planned. The living and dining areas are integrated and spacious. The modern kitchen is sleek, quieter and efficient and an integral part of the space. Efficient extractor fans take away cooking smells and steam. Breakfast bars and kitchen islands can replace old dining table options if need be. Light and bright colours can be used to decorate and liven up old duller nooks and crannies.

Replace small windows with big sliders

Older smaller windows on the ground floor can be taken out and the whole space filled with modern sliders. This has the effect of bringing in light and inviting the garden into your home. Modern sliding doors are energy efficient and easy to open and close. You could even remove part of the wall.

There is no reason why your house could not be flooded with light. You could extend the idea out into the garden and incorporate a deck or even a conservatory. You’d be keeping the idea of light and adding even more space. Today’s purpose built conservatories are amazing spaces that are easy to heat and also to keep cool in the summer.

Head up into the roof

Why allow your attic to fester as a dark and hidden space? With the spiralling costs of building a new house, many people are seeking to maximise the space they have. Loft conversions are officially one of the best ways of adding floor space to your home.

You’ll not only have another room at your disposal; you will also have another way to bring light and space into your life. Lovely velux style windows open up the sky and flood the loft with light.

All of these fixes have a feel good factor that can make your home shine and feel spacious. That will mean even in the darker moments of the year, that your home will feel open warm and welcoming.

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