Top Interior Design Trends You’ll Definitely See in 2016

Interior design trends have a nasty habit of changing every once in a while, so if you want your home to stay both functional and chic in 2016, you may need to invest a little extra time, thought and money in décor upgrades. Here are the top five interior design trends that are likely to mark the year to come, so make sure you check them out before you start revamping your living area.

Bringing The Outdoors In

From simple potted plants and flowers to green atriums incorporated in spacious living areas, Mother Nature has been slowly sneaking into homes across the globe over the past few years. A feature typical of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design, use of natural elements and materials indoors will gain fresh momentum on the global décor scene in the year to come.

In 2016, sophisticated homes will be heavily relying on use of wood, stone, natural fabrics and versatile furnishings that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Top Interior Design Trends You'll Definitely See in 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Mix Metallics and Metals

If you have been following latest design trends, you probably know that retro is back to stay. In 2016, vintage elements that will occupy an important place in stylish homes are characterized by a blend of metallic and metal finishes.

Gold and brass were extremely popular in 2015, and the trend is highly likely to hang around in the year to come as well, accompanied by metallic treatments and glossy finishes.

Top Interior Design Trends You'll Definitely See in 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Make it Sustainable

In the past decade, sustainability has been gaining appeal in all aspects of life, from business and industry to home décor. In the year to come, sustainable materials, upcycled furnishings and repurposed items will occupy a prominent place on the list of homewares. Make sure you add a few eye-catching recycled details to your living room or backyard to keep your home as stylish and as functional as it can be.

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The easiest way to add a note of sustainability to your living area or garden is to make charming furnishings from discarded palettes, and the project is extremely budget-friendly and simple to execute even without extensive DIY knowledge.

Top Interior Design Trends You'll Definitely See in 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

A Delft Touch

Elaborately decorated pottery is another home detail that will mark the interior design scene in the year ahead. From your grandmother’s china sets to mismatched cups and saucers you grabbed in the local thrift store, cupboard pieces showcasing prints in inky blue and soft white will make a major comeback in 2016.

If you have a Delftware set in your family heirloom, now is the perfect moment to whip it out and proudly display it in your dining room. Or you can fake it until you make it with these cute tile stickers from Not on the Highstreet!

Top Interior Design Trends You'll Definitely See in 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Roman Shades for Better Sleep

As for the window area, stylish homes in 2016 will rock out Roman shades in various patterns. In addition to their unique appeal, Roman shades offer better protection from bright sunlight and nosy neighbours than standard curtains and drapes. The upside of Roman shades is that they come in an impressive range of designs such as flat, relaxed and butterfly style, and you can also choose between different types of mounts.

If the shades available in your local home improvement store do not seem appealing enough, you can order custom blinds and shades online in the colour, size and materials that fit both your home décor and your budget.

Top Interior Design Trends You'll Definitely See in 2016 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Natural elements such as solid wood, stone and wicker items, sustainable and repurposed or upcycled furnishings, and retro details such as Delft pottery and metallic finishes will be the backbone of interior design in the year to come. Get ready for sheer décor eye-candy this year – judging by the predictions, interior design will shine at its brightest in 2016.

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