Home Office Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you work from home and currently use the sofa in your living room as an office, something has to change. A home office can be a welcomed addition to your home that allows you to work more efficiently and productively. It also allows you to separate your work from your personal life which is highly advantageous.

Despite what you may think, you don’t need an entire room to create the home office of your dreams. All you need is a few office essentials and the corner of a room. To help you create a work space that is inspiring and fit for purpose.

My boyfriend and I work from home, so it’s pretty important we have somewhere to ‘get shit done’ but we’ve also thrown in a sofa bed and built a glorious two tier 5ft wardrobe into our alcove, complete with mirrored doors. I’ve kept to some simple rules though; here are some common decorating mistakes you should avoid.

Home Office Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid | UK Lifestyle Blog

Not getting a supportive chair

Nowadays, people are choosing to make bolder choices when it comes to decorating their home office. Patterned wallpaper, artwork, and rugs are all decorative features that add more style and personality to the space. Unique office chairs can also do this. But one mistake many people make is not ensuring that their chair offers support.

When you’re sat down working all day, you need to feel comfortable and supported. So while your new office chair might bring color and interest, it may not give you what you require. Go to a furniture store and sit on different styles of office chair to see which is the best option for you. You can always add a throw or cushion to make it look more exciting.

Not consider the height of your desk

With brands such as Vanguard furniture and Arteriors offering fantastic desk designs, it can be easy to forget about the height you need. While you naturally want your desk to look good,  if it’s not fit for purpose then working each day at it will be highly uncomfortable. Many people make this mistake, leaving them stuck with an unsuitable desk they cannot use.

Home Office Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid | UK Lifestyle Blog

When shopping for a new desk, you need to ensure it is the perfect height for you and your new desk chair. As much as you may love a particular design, if it is too tall or short, it isn’t going to work for you. Always check the measurements, consider your needs and sit at the desk before you buy.

Over decorating

A big mistake that many people make is over decorating their home office. From ornaments on their desk to walls filled with art, it can cause multiple distractions you could do without. While you naturally want to put your own stamp on your office, it can sometimes be too much. Prioritize the items you need to do your work first and position them in a suitable area.

Try to adopt a minimal approach and consider the layout and display carefully. Personal touches such as photographs are artwork can be hung on the walls instead of being on shelves or your desk. This will stop your office from becoming cluttered and boost it’s functionality.

Home Office Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid | UK Lifestyle Blog

Steer clear of these mistakes and you’ll see just how beneficial your home office can be. It’s a designated workspace where you can work more comfortably and efficiently. While also providing you with a wealth of creativity and inspiration.

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