How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

With the new year comes the chance to make new resolutions for yourself. As a professional blogger, why not make it your resolution to take your blog to the next level? For advice on how to do just that, look no further.

How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Run an eCommerce site alongside your blog

Running an eCommerce site alongside your blog is not only doable, it’s advisable! It’s advisable because it can benefit you in more than ones than one, from monetary benefit to blog traffic benefit.

For one, it will show you are interested in not only informing your reader, but you are interested in offering them value as well. Yes, when you offer your blog readers the chance to actually and actively take something away from your blog you will be showing them value, and thus you will be showing them that you value them.

If you offer this and you offer your readers professional delivery services on the items that they buy from you, such as offering them the services of Shiply, then you will be showing them that you take them receiving the item on time and in one piece seriously too, which only proves your valuing of them further.

What all of this will then do is make your readers far more inclined to continue to be readers of your blog AND they will feel far more of a connection to it because they will now own something that is associated with it. And, when this is done you will have the avid fan base you need to take your blog to new heights. So, start up your own ecommerce site to run alongside your blog and not instead of it and you will take you blog to the next level.

How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Use engagement as your best metric

If you were to start providing your readers with articles of substance that engaged them far more, you would instantly take your blog to the net level. You would so because your bounce rate would be lowered and you SEO ranking would be made higher, and those are two things you definitely need to be doing.

When seeking to use engagement as your bets metric, there are a number of things to do. The first thing that you should do is make sure your blog is there to be engaged with all day, every day — this could meaning using an uptime service, such as UptimeRobot to watch your site to ensure it never becomes inactive. Something else that you could do is outsource the job of writing posts out to a blog writing company — by doing this you’d be able to be sure that your blog would be inundated daily with interesting and professionally written posts.

When you do these things you make sure yourself far more likely to engage your readers far more often, and thus make yourself far more likely to take your blog to the next level. If you truly want to take your blog to heights its never seen before in 2018, then make sure to take heed of all the advice above.

How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level | UK Lifestyle Blog

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