Incredible Home Decor Styles To Suit Your Home

This time of year is one of the best to tackle a home improvement project. You might be taking on an extension or a remodel to make the best of your internal space. Of course, any such project will require a rethink of your home decor. Builder’s mess often leaves you reaching for the paintbrushes! But before you start, why not consider one of these styles to suit your new room.

Incredible Home Decor Styles To Suit Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog


This style was first introduced several decades ago now. It was the answer to the hoarding and consumerism that many people were falling foul of. There are no collections of knick-knacks or crowding your home with personal items. Instead, you keep things simple and clutter-free.

The essence of this style is fuss-free furniture and decor. Lines are clean and colour palettes are quiet. You might use vibrant colour, but patterns and decorations are kept to a minimum. Many contemporary styles of furniture work well in this kind of room.

Wood Lovers

In Britain, wood has never really fallen out of fashion for the home. We Brits love to bring the beauty of our countryside inside. Oak is a particular favourite for the English home.

If you are considering investing in some oak furniture, then the traditional sideboard is still very much on-trend. They may have moved out of the kitchen and into the living or dining room, but a sideboard still makes a great statement piece. It’s perfect for storage, and the light colour of oak helps the room to feel spacious and airy.


This style is particularly popular for those buying their first new home. Many show homes feature this style, suggesting it is the modern way to live. Furniture and fittings are often high gloss white or black. Clean lines and curves shape the style when it comes to designing a contemporary room.

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Contemporary wall art and installing some industrial ceiling lights are quick and easy ways to create a contemporary feel. Why not try flashes of vibrant colour on a white background? At the moment Geometric shapes dominate feature my walls, rugs and soft furnishings, and it looks great! As a hater of wires, technology fits seamlessly into the design with extra wall sockets and integrated storage.

Often we choose a style that suits our own personality, character and taste. But it can be fun to mix it up a little and try something new once in a while. If you are looking for new ways to decorate and style your home, why not try one of the above ideas? Enjoy your beautiful new room.


Whether you live deep in the rural countryside or not, the cottage style is a wonderful look for any home. Build a collection of knick-knacks and ornaments. Their prominent display is central to this iconic style. Furniture, too, is an eclectic mix of country-style pieces. Wooden chairs and patterned fabric coverings create a warm and cosy feel.

To get the decor right for this one, you might consider some faux beams painted in a dark timber colour. Modest chandeliers in the traditional style look more effective than contemporary styled fittings. Patterned, and even tassel rugs complete the effect.

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