Interview With a Blogger: Oh Hello, It’s Hannah!

Back due to popular demand, I’ve decided to grow the interview section on my blog. This week I had the opportunity to chat with a first year university student and beauty blogger, Hannah. She writes over at Oh Hello, It’s Hannah! – so go on over and have a read!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an 18 year old girl who is a little obsessed with trying new beauty products and the latest fashion trends – sorry bank account. I’m in my first year of university studying Media, and when I’m not knuckling down on my assignments, I’m usually blogging.

Interview with a blogger: Oh Hello, It's Hannah! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Why did you initially decide to start a blog?

I have blogged on and off since I was about fourteen. I always loved writing and I’d watched YouTube videos and read a few blogs here and there since I was about eleven or twelve, so I wanted to try it out for myself. I just wanted to be part of the blogging community by sharing content about the things I loved! Blogging was also a great way for me to escape from school work and let my creative juices flow. I started to take blogging more seriously in 2015, however have stepped up my game even more since the start of 2016. I’ve realised it’s something I really love doing and I don’t want to stop!

What do you blog about and why?

I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but mostly beauty. I love trying new makeup and sharing my thoughts and opinions about different products, some old and some new. I’ve been a fan of makeup ever since I was in my early teens, so blogging about makeup products is something that I really enjoy. I like to post OOTD’s to share my latest fashion pieces, and I also like to post more personal lifestyle content, for example I have done a post on my experience of being in a long distance relationship, as well as a post about getting motivated to work out. I feel like posts like this can relate to a lot of people and the feedback is always really rewarding. I enjoy baking too, so a few food posts pop up here and there.

Any advice to anyone that wants to start a blog?

I would say to just go for it! And try not to take it too seriously, it’s supposed to be fun and way for you to escape from day to day life! Try to work as hard as you can to meet your personal needs, so don’t feel like you need to post all the time, but enough if you want to keep your readers interested. Blog about what you love and not what you think your readers will love, otherwise you won’t truly enjoy blogging. I would also say try to interact with other bloggers as much as possible. A comment on someone’s new post can make their day, plus leaving a comment might persuade them to take a look at your blog too 🙂

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What are the best aspects of running your own blog?

I think the best aspects of running my own blog is definitely being able to talk to so many new people who are interested in the same things as I am. I love interacting with other bloggers on Twitter, it’s so fun and really makes me feel like part of the community! I also love the feedback I get on my posts, reading and replying to comments makes my day and I appreciate every single one of them. Looking back on older posts is also fun because I can see how I have changed both as a person and a blogger. It’s great to look back on all of my hard work too!

What are the hardest aspects?

The hardest aspects are probably writers block and keeping the creative juices flowing! Sometimes I just find it so hard to think of an idea for a post, or I might have an idea, but simply cannot put it into words! I also struggle with taking photos sometimes; I will take them but won’t truly be satisfied with them. It’s hard to not compare your photos and content with other bloggers but this is something I’m trying to overcome, as I do try my best and there’s always room for improvement!

Which social media tools do you use the most?

The only social media tool I use for my blog is Twitter. I use Bloglovin’ of course to follow new blogs and scroll through new posts, however in terms of self-promo and interaction, Twitter is the one for me. I love taking part in blogger chats and interacting with other bloggers. Simply replying to someones tweet is enough to get a conversation flowing! Twitter is also great for promoting blog posts, as you can add hashtags so loads of other bloggers can find it, read it and even leave a friendly comment.

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What do you enjoy about blogging the most?

There’s so many things I love about blogging. I love the ability to be creative in terms of my writing style and my photography. It’s such a good feeling when you write a post and you feel truly happy with how it turned out – it makes all your hard work seem worthwhile! Again, I love getting to know new bloggers through reading their blog and interacting with them on Twitter too. It’s so nice to be able to share the same passions as loads of other people. Blogging is great!

Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years time?

That’s a tough question. Hopefully I will still be going strong with my blog and I will still be happy doing what I’m doing. I am very satisfied with my blog and my overall blogging experience at the moment so I hope that continues in the future.

Three blogs you love that we should know?

I love Lauren’s blog at She does really creative and well thought out posts, plus she’s so sweet and friendly whenever I chat to her. Her blog is always up there when I’m trying to find new posts to read.

I also love Lucy’s blog at Her photography is fab and her posts are always great. She did an amazing post on ways to tackle anxiety, which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very relatable.

I also love Lauren’s blog at She has done some amazing reviews of beauty products that are always so detailed and informative. Her reviews really let me know whether a product is worth buying or not, which is great!

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