Simple Ways To Kick Start And Maintain a Healthier You

If you’ve made up your mind to make some big changes in your life, now is the time to act. Most of us achieve a lot more when we’re in the right frame of mind. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Simple Ways to Kick Start and Maintain a Healthier You | UK Lifestyle Blog

Start with your smartphone. This little device is going to become your new best friend. There are hundreds of different apps out there to help you create a great new health program for you. All you need to do is download them.

Why not treat the healthier, fitter you to a better phone? The latest models detailed at ContractCompare can run the best of the apps you will need to work with. You can usually choose which network you would prefer to be on as well. Once you have your phone, it’s time to accessorise it.

You’ll need something to protect it from sweat and drops while you’re working out. You can choose a ruggedised case, or treat yourself to an armband to keep it safe while you exercise. A screen film is ideal for a new phone to protect it from scratches. They can be easier to wipe clean too.

Next, you’ll need some earbuds. When your body is moving, it’s really easy to get caught up in the wires. Bluetooth earbuds with ear holders are ideal if you like walking, running or using the gym equipment. You can still take and make phone calls, and hear all your alerts. Best of all, you can enjoy your pumping tunes to push you on and on.

Now it’s time to pick your apps. Most fitness apps are now connected to each other. This means you can enjoy the function and data recording of several apps from just using one. This is ideal if you want to record your meals and water intake. You can also use your phone as a pedometer. The GPS will track and map all your walks and runs. And if you love cycling, you can even choose a route other users have enjoyed to see more of your local area.

Calories will be counted, and your fitness goals prepared for you. This makes figuring out a new health program so easy. Just input your height and weight. The apps will tell you what you need to do. Best of all, you can set them to send you friendly alerts to help motivate you to achieve your goals. Post your results on social media, or keep them private just for you to see.

Why not add a fitness watch to your set up? Some of them can be used to measure your heart rate to get an even more accurate reading of your workouts and calories burned. Others will help to identify how much quality sleep you’re getting, and when you’re most likely to be dreaming each night. There is almost no end to the functionality of the apps that are available right now.

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If you’re looking for a fitness buddy to help guide you toward your health objectives, then your phone could be perfect. Set your goals, and off you go. Feel fabulous!

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