Struggling To Drop Excess Weight? This Could Be The Problem…

Why is it that so many people seem to be attempting to drop excess weight and failing? Maybe it’s because they are chasing fad after fad, and the novelty is quickly wearing off. Maybe they’re not being completely honest with themselves about how much they’re trying.

If you’re trying to lose excess weight but nothing seems to be working, read on to find out what the problem could be…

Struggling To Drop Excess Weight? This Could Be The Problem... | UK Lifestyle Blog

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You’re not paying attention to what you’re eating and drinking

People make weight loss far more complicated than it needs to be. There are different ways of eating, things to eat, methods of exercise, and so on. Sure, doing certain things can speed it up or give you better results. But it all boils down to paying attention to what you’re putting into your body. Weight loss is consuming less calories than you burn off. Simple. If you’re eating lots of healthy foods but not losing any weight, you may still be in a calorie surplus.

Sweet potatoes and nuts are incredibly healthy foods, but you still need to be aware of portion sizes and how to track them, or they could put weight on you the same as a slice of cake. This doesn’t mean you should eat whatever you like as long as you’re keeping your calories low. Healthier foods will keep you fuller for longer, and are much better for our bodies. You shouldn’t drink your calories either. Milk and sugar in your tea and coffee can quickly add up. Don’t forget that fizzy drinks count too!

Try using an app so you can see accurately how much you’re really eating. You should only create a small deficit at first, so you’re not starving. Cutting right down on your calories straight away can be dangerous, and lead to eating disorders such as bingeing/purging.

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You’re not challenging yourself when it comes to exercise

Exercise can make weight loss happen faster, and give us a better looking body when we’ve lost that pesky fat. However, you must be challenging yourself. If you head to the gym with a friend and chat while you’re on the treadmill, it’s unlikely you’re doing much for your health.

You should do a mixture of different types of exercise to get the most out of your regime, and get the best results for your body. Strength training, cardio, and flexibility training are all important. Rest days are a must too. When you first get into exercising, you might just start to love it. It can be addictive, but you should never exercise every single day. You’ll do more harm than good!

You’re too much in the ‘diet’ mindset

Get out of that diet mindset. Diet implies a short term fix, whereas you should be looking at this as healthy lifestyle changes. Try to relax more around food and create a sustainable lifestyle. There are plenty of inspiring books, youtube videos, podcasts, and blog posts on this. Start reading up and you’ll have your eyes opened!

You have an underlying problem

Perhaps you have an underlying problem. See a doctor if you think there may be something wrong. You may be prescribed a medicine to help you get down to a healthier weight. Here, you can find a price comparison site for prescription medicines.

You’re not getting enough sleep

Sleep is crucial for weight loss. Make sure you’re not only getting enough, but that it’s quality too. Wind down before bed, and make sure your bedroom is the best environment to get sleep!

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