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Beauty Secrets: Fruits for Healthy Glowing Skin ✨

The skin is one feature of our body used a lot as a benchmark of beauty and healthiness – it is therefore only natural to yearn for perfect, glowing skin (as especially as we grow older).

While genetics play a significant role in how your skin turns out to be, there are steps that you can take to make it look as good as possible regardless – and I’m not talking about resorting off-the-shelf skincare products and/or professional beauticians (although that may help too).

I’m referring to fruits – rich in all sorts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help you regain and maintain young, healthy and supple skin. Here are a few that are especially noteworthy:


Often mistaken as a vegetable (because of their frequent use in vegetable salads), tomatoes are in fact fruits that are rich in nutrients which can boost the health of your skin: vitamins A and C, proteins and lycopene are some of the more prominently beneficial constituents of this fruit. Lycopene, in particular, is a chemical that lends the fruit its red color – but more importantly, its antioxidant nature has a number of positive effects that can be observed simply by regularly consuming tomato juice!

Beauty Secrets: Fruits for Healthy Glowing Skin ✨ | UK Lifestyle Blog

For instance, you can cleanse and lighten up your skin tone, get softer skin, alleviate irritation, reduce oiliness, tighten up pores, minimize acne problems, and do away with nasty blackheads. Got a sunburn? No problem, apply some tomato juice (mixed with buttermilk for best results) to the affected areas to speed up the healing of damaged skin cells.

If you’re hesitant to apply store-bought tomatoes on your skin because of potentially harmful chemicals they may have been exposed to, you could consider growing your own – even planted indoors away from the sun, you can get a steady supply of fresh, safe tomatoes all year round using a grow light!


Gooseberry is laden with vitamin C – about 90% by content! Also an antioxidant, this nutrient is needed by your skin to remain youthful and repair cell damage. Indian gooseberry (aka amla), in particular, has long been regarded as a treatment for stomach ulcers, metabolism issues, and liver conditions, aside from its positive effect on human hair and skin.

If you’re worried about developing wrinkles and dark spots, the same vitamin C makes gooseberry an excellent dietary element for countering aging. Moreover, you also minimize the chances of developing pimples and acne. Besides consuming it raw or as a juice (I would advise mixing it with some honey to reduce some of its bitterness/sourness), you can also use it as a face mask by combining amla powder with yogurt and honey.


Who doesn’t love to eat them as a snack – but these delicious, easy-to-manage fruits have more uses than merely filling up your belly! Bananas contain a ton of healthy nutrients – besides vitamins A, C, and B6, they are also a rich source of potassium and fiber.

Beauty Secrets: Fruits for Healthy Glowing Skin ✨ | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The Vitamin C, as discussed above, contributes towards improving the quality of your skin in a multitude of ways, but even the peel of the fruit has a role to play: Its antimicrobial properties make it useful for treating pimples, acne, warts, bruises and mosquito bites – it is the high potassium content present in banana peels that make this possible.

Mashed or pureed banana may be applied to one’s skin to get the benefits discussed above – you may also mix it with other substances e.g. regular milk, coconut milk or fuller’s earth, for enhanced results. The peels can be rubbed and/or taped to portions of the skin affected by warts, acne or other types of irritations – remove once the peel becomes brown.


The age-old adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ certainly seems to apply to dermatologists: the malic acid that they so liberally contain lends the skin a firm, youthful and healthy outlook without damaging upper skin layers the way conventional stronger acids used in beauty treatments do (painfully so, in some cases).

Furthermore, the high fiber content of the fruit will regulate your bowel movements, so that waste material is removed from your body in good time which in turn contributes towards the clearer skin, free from pimples.


Papaya is yet another great source of vitamins A and C, along with magnesium and carotenoids. What distinguishes it from other carotenoid-rich food sources (e.g. tomatoes, carrots) is that the ones it contains are more readily available for your body’s use once consumed. In other words, you will notice the benefits much faster.

Beauty Secrets: Fruits for Healthy Glowing Skin ✨ | UK Lifestyle Blog

Carotenoids are associated with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties – in the context of skin care, this translates into the prevention of early skin damage and skin cancer. Furthermore, carotenoids have anti-aging and UV protective effects.

There are many other fruits besides these that you can consume for healthier skin, so even if you (surprisingly) don’t like the ones I’ve listed above, finding the perfect healthy snack for your skin is but an internet search away!

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4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷

Want to stay looking you, or knock a good few years off your current appearance? I’ve always been lucky/unlucky (I haven’t figured it out yet, it depends on my mood and the situation!) enough to look young for my age. As I’m reaching the ripe age for 28 next year *sob sob* I’ve suddenly started worrying about each and every little wrinkle I’ve noticed on my forehead or under my eyes.

Am I really starting to worry about looking old in my twenties? Either way, it’s got me thinking about not only my appearance, but also my lifestyle! Following any one of these tips will help, but trying out all four will make a huge difference, making you not only LOOK younger but FEEL younger, too.  

4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷 | UK Lifestyle BlogEmily tulip print midi skirt with pockets and a side zip fastening c/o 405Story (available to buy here).

Keep stress to a minimum

It can seem odd that something strictly internal can have an effect on our external appearance. But the science makes sense. Cortisol is a hormone that lives quite happily in your body until you get stressed. Then, its levels increase to damaging levels.

When increased, it can give you insomnia, which will make you look more tired during the day. It can also cause weight gain, and give you high blood pressure. Obviously, none of these things are good for a youthful appearance! So, focus on stressing less and exercising more. This promotes the release of endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel good.

Hairy maintenance

Starting to lose your hair can be a stressful time in anybody’s life. But the truth is thinning, or thin hair is a sure-fire way to look older than your time. Happily, though, help is at hand. Hair loss products can be very effective. I’ve constantly got an issue of my hair matting together and having to be brushed out in clumps, but deep conditioners help to combat this. 

There is plenty of products on the market to find something that suits you. I’ve been using GHD heat protect spray, final shine spray and paddle brush because remember: healthy hair follicles mean healthy hair! Some companies will also give you a free trial to see how you like the product first, or you can buy samples. It’s also advisable to add protein-rich foods into your diet. While they can’t turn back the clock, they will make the hair you have look shinier and thicker.

Oh, and this isn’t just for the ladies… Men, take note! Although beards are undoubtably trendy, there is a difference between Brad Pitt stubble and a fisherman’s overgrown beard of chaos. S has a pretty big beard, but he uses oil to moisturise, a trimmer to tame it – but he also uses a shaving blade to get a close shave around his cheek bones and on his neck.

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4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Reduce alcohol intake

Another important step that it is never too late to take is reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. Or, even better, quitting completely. This is because some of the effects are almost reversible. To be honest, I’m getting a bit fed up of wasting my weekends on the sofa  clutching my stomach anyway…

The Daily Mail charted the difference that stopping drinking altogether can do for the skin and hair here.

You’ll be amazed at the difference just four weeks made to the participant. If you quit drinking too, you’ll find your eyes are less bloodshot and your facial skin less flushed. You will also see an improvement in dry and oily patches on the face. Don’t forget that drinking less can also contribute highly to weight loss.

Quit smoking

We all know that quitting smoking will improve your health, but it’s always useful to be reminded of the tangible benefits. Consider these. Stopping smoking will give you more energy, a better sex life, reduce stress levels and bigger lung capacity. The latter will make all the difference in your later years. As for the damage it does to your appearance?

Firstly, smoke from the tobacco dries out your skin, while internally it reduces nutrients and oxygen. Smoking also increases the chance of wrinkles forming on the skin a whopping three times over. Don’t forget about teeth. Good teeth are a strong sign of a healthy person, and stained teeth can add years to your overall look.

This fascinating video from NHS England features a makeup artist showing a 16-year old smoker what doing so will do to her appearance.

No matter your age, or whether you’ve been smoking for two years or 20-years, stopping is always worthwhile. If going cold turkey is too challenging, begin by reducing how many cigarettes you smoke a day. This will make the transition from smoker to ex-smoker much easier. I gave up when I was 20, so I know just how hard it is.

4 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Look Younger and Fresher 🌷 | UK Lifestyle Blog

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My Morning Routine: Beauty Essentials I Cannot Live Without

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on make-up. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cake on my foundation but I don’t spend a huge deal of time putting my face on in the morning, and generally don’t spend a lot of dollar. I believe that what you eat and how you treat your skin is far more important than how you cover it up.

This isn’t your typical post about a morning routine post, because in reality sometimes I’m lazy and don’t bother using my toner everyday (naughty, I know – I’ll pay for it one day!). However, these are products that I completely adore, and I’ll continue using them for a long time.

Psst… just because you don’t see face wash or moisturisers on here doesn’t mean I don’t use them (obviously I wash my face, and I always moisturise!). I just haven’t found a brand that I’m super loyal to when it comes to those products, so they haven’t had the list. If you’ve got any recommendations, then please do send them my way!

My Morning Routine: Beauty Essentials I Cannot Live Without | UK Lifestyle Blog

  1. Facial Cleansing Brush System

    I’m a fan of exfoliating but all the products that I use make my face feel sticky, and I usually end up with it in my eyes (what is up with that!?). I switched to washing my face mostly just using warm water, soap and a flannel, and everything was fine. But I always wanted to try a cleansing system like the Clarisonic, so I figured I’d give it a whirl and see what it was like – was it really all it’s hyped up to be?

    Apprehensive to spend over a hundred squid on something I didn’t know if I’d get bored of, I opted for a cheaper version from eBay. I have absolutely no regrets. It does what it says on the tin, and it’s a tenth of the price of a Clarisonic. I’m not saying it’s better, because I wouldn’t know – but for me, it’s great!

  2. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Hair Brush

    I’m lucky enough to have long, wavy hair that almost reaches my bum! With that, I also have the daily battle of brushing out dreadlocks that accumulate near my scalp. It’s always been an absolute nightmare and genuinely took me hours to get my hair tangle-free, only to wake up with knots again the very next day.

    Thank God, last year I received a Tangle Teaser for Christmas. It completely changed my daily routine, and literally worked miracles on my tatty locks. When the Ultimate hair brush was launched, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade my existing brush, but did anyway because it’s a bargain at £15. I’m dead glad I did, because the handle and extra surface area makes such a difference – best purchase EVER!

    My Morning Routine: Beauty Essentials I Cannot Live Without | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Make Up Concealer

    It’s already been established that I’m a fan of covering my face in foundation, but I’m not very loyal when it comes to make-up brands. I always buy a different mascara, and I’ve recently been going off some of my regular buys. Whilst everything in my make up bag changes (excluding my eyebrow pencil because it matches my roots), there is always one product that remains the same, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.

    Before powdering my face I apply a small amount of concealer underneath my eyes to banish dark circles. My fiancé always laughs at me and says I look creepy! But I obviously dab it in, and voilà I look like I’ve made all of my beauty sleep. This is especially good if I’m just nipping out and don’t want to do a full face of make-up, it’s just enough to cover up the nasty ‘I’ve had no sleep’ look.

  4. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Hydrate in Clear

    I have the nastiest lips in the entire world – they’re always chapped, dry and flakey. I struggled with it for ages and never understood why I couldn’t wear lipstick like everybody else, because it looked terrible on me. That’s when I realised I was using a barrier cream (Vaseline) on my lips, which was suffocating them and not hydrating them. Why are we taught when we are younger that this stuff is good for our lips!?

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    Reading countless reviews online, I decided to invest a whopping £1.99 on Baby Lips, as I learned that it hydrates your lips, instead of suffocating them. I haven’t looked back since, and whilst the Vaseline hasn’t been thrown out because it’s good for exfoliating, Baby Lips has completely replenished my lips. I’m now actually not completely ashamed of my lips, and can finally wear lipstick – result!

    My Morning Routine: Beauty Essentials I Cannot Live Without | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

    Once again, I’ve never been particularly loyal to make-up removers, but I did leave facial wipes in my teenage years. For anybody that still uses face wipes to remove make-up, please stop! It’s so bad for your skin, and it does a horrible job in removing impurities, trust me. I’ve been using cleansing make-up remover with pads for years and hate it when I have to use a wipe when I’m in a pinch (holiday, camping etc).

    I bought Garnier cleansing water for the first time a few years ago, simply because the packaging appealed to me (have you noticed that a lot of my favourite products are pink?!). But I’m so glad I came across it, because it’s so soothing on your skin and it’s a dream to use. It’s better at removing mascara than any other product I’ve tried, and it lasts forever considering it’s under £5 for a huge bottle! Love love love.

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  6. Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner Hydrating Mist

    I’m constantly surprised when I speak to my girlfriends and they tell me that they don’t cleanse, tone and moisturise. I don’t have dry skin (ever!), in matter of fact, I sometimes have oily skin! I always try to fit this routine into my day though because I find it really makes a different to my skin, and how I feel.

    When I first started cleansing, toning and moisturising I used toner in a little and applied it with cotton pads. I was introduced to a mist toner from Dermalogica, which really appealed to the lazy side in me. Once I started using it, I was completely sold! It feels so much nicer, and it’s so easy to incorporate this routine into your day, even if you’re in a rush. GO GO GO!! BUY!!

    My Morning Routine: Beauty Essentials I Cannot Live Without | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. Oral-B D20.513 Pro 2500 3D Action Pink Electric Toothbrush

    Obviously I wouldn’t want to live without my toothbrush, but specifically I don’t want to live without this toothbrush. Growing up I always had an electric toothbrush but decided to switch to a manual one when I went to university. Surprisingly, this wasn’t because I couldn’t afford one but it was down to feeling cleaner when brushing the good-olde fashion way!

    If you follow my blog, you’ll know that last year I had a smile makeover to close the gap in my front tooth. This means that my shiny gnasher at the front are actually made out of composite bonding, and are the best thing I’ve ever done (but that’s in a different post, you can read about it here).

    😱➡️  Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?

    Once my new smile was fitted I had them whitened and treated myself to a new toothbrush. I opted for an electric, as advised by my dentist, to clean areas that are hard to reach. Now, I don’t know if it’s because technology has come a long way, or if I was doing it wrong the entire time, but my mouth feels amazing. What was I thinking?! I’ve recently upgraded again to the latest Oral B brush (in pink, of course!).

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