4 Tips For Clearer Skin To Go Makeup Free This Summer

I don’t know about you, but I use winter as an excuse for bad skin, dark roots and a few extra pounds. It’s finally getting little warmer – I even went to a BBQ today, so that means it’s ALMOST bikini time!

I’m about to start my Results with Lucy 6 weeks beach body plan (more on that coming soon!), and since my roots are already lightening, that just leaves my face! Here’s a few steps I’m taking to clear my skin:

4 tips for clearer skin to go makeup free this summer | UK Lifestyle Blog
Skincere Eye Serum, Dead Sea Spa Magik Super Night Cream
and Sukin Facial Moisturiser Pump from Holland & Barret

Daily moisturising

This should be part of your morning and night routine regardless of what season it is, but it is super during the warmer months. The sun drys out even those with the oiliest skin – I should know! I’ve been using (all the above products) daily facial moisturiser, a night cream and eye serum to combat my dry skin and hang on to my youth for as long as possible.

Drinking more water

There are so many benefits to drinking more water, and having flawless looking skin is one of them. I’ve decided to get myself a aluminium water bottle from Chilly’s to carry around with me (it keeps water cold for 24 hours, perfect!) and to force myself to drink more water everyday.

Exfoliating often

There’s nothing better than having a long bath and exfoliating your body before moisturising and getting into fresh bedsheets – It’s also a great well to shed those dead skin cells to keep your skin glowing. I usually do this every couple of weeks; anymore might dry out your skin and cause damage.

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Apply sun cream

Every year, this is where I fail! I read all the time that you should wear sun cream all year round but since I live in Cornwall, I can’t imagine it would make any difference. During the summer though, I really have no excuse, other than the fact that the sea washes it off (I know you can get waterproof stuff, it doesn’t last long though).

Author: Sam Charles

Meet Sam, the creator behind UK lifestyle blog, Strawberry Squeeze 🍓 Sam is a newlywed living in Cornwall studying her PgDip in Strategic Direction and Leadership with the Chartered Management Institute 🍕🐰 She's also the Founder + Director of multi-award-winning SEO & PPC agency, Float Digital ✨

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  • These are some really great tips! I’m not too bad at drinking lots of fluids throughout the day but like yourself, I defiantly need to start wearing sun cream! xx

  • This is definitely something I want to do this year, wear less make up through the summer months, thank you for the tips….. Already drink 4 pints of warm water a day to keep my skin hydrated.. It really does work!!