The Finer Details To Focus On When Planning A Perfect Wedding

When you get engaged, and you start the process of wedding planning, it’s very easy to get carried away with dress shopping and looking around for the perfect venue. With endless lists of things to do and people to please, it can be a struggle to find the time and the energy to get the finer details right.

The trouble is that those little finishing touches can often make the day, enabling you to design a unique celebration that is personal to you and different from any other wedding your guests have attended. If you’re in the throes of wedding planning, here are some details you won’t want to miss off your list.

The Finer Details To Focus On When Planning A Perfect Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog


Whether you have a party of 30 or 300, you can use your wedding invitations to set the tone, provide clues to a theme and encourage your guests to get involved in the day. Choose images or themes that reflect your relationship and the kind of event you’re planning, don’t be afraid to inject some personality, and add personal touches.

Include your guests’ names, match the design to the type of celebration, and offer useful information. Take a look at sites like Countryside Art for inspiration, and think about doing something a little different to set your wedding apart from others. This could be anything from using tickets or passports for a destination or a festival-themed wedding to using a hand-drawn image of the venue or including a personalised message for your guests inside.

The Finer Details To Focus On When Planning A Perfect Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog


If you dream of a setup that makes your guests’ jaws drop as they view the venue for the first time, it’s crucial to pay attention to the details, as well as the main features of the room or space.

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You can make a splash with floral centrepieces or towering ice sculptures, but you can also make your friends and family feel special and provide them with a memento to treasure by decorating the tables with fabulous, bespoke favours. Think about the theme of the event, the kind of venue you’ve chosen, and your interests and passions.

If you’re a couple that loves food and drink, for example, you could opt for artisan truffles or homemade gin.

The Finer Details To Focus On When Planning A Perfect Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog


You’ve found the dream venue, your outfits have been ordered, and the photographer is booked. Now, it’s time to take care of the logistics and work out how your guests and the bridal party are going to travel to and from the ceremony and the reception venue.

There’s an array of options available to you, from classic cars and sporty convertibles to tractors and trailers, vintage buses and campervans. Consider your party size and your budget, and then explore options that fit with the vibe of the day. If you’re planning a traditional wedding, vintage cars and old-fashioned buses are an ideal fit.

If you’re going for a beach wedding, boats or campers are a great idea. Group transport makes planning logistics easy, and it’s a fantastic way of enabling guests to get to know each other.

Wedding planning is often dominated by touring venues and bridal boutiques. While finding a perfect dress and booking a venue is essential, it’s wise not to lose sight of the impact of the finer details.

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