How To: Create a Relaxing Bathroom For Self-Care Weekends

Is there anything more relaxing and indulgent than a hot bubble bath at the end of a hectic day? If you’re in the midst of renovating your house, or your bathroom is crying out for some TLC, revamping this space could play an instrumental role in promoting self-care and creating a serene, tranquil home. If you dream of a luxurious bathroom to kick back and chill out, here are some tips to take on board.

How to: Create a Relaxing Bathroom for Self-Care Weekends | UK Lifestyle Blog

Give your bathroom some TLC

Do you long to create your own version of a boutique hotel bathroom at home, or are you looking to upgrade your current suite to add a touch of decadence? If so, you don’t have to spend a fortune or overhaul the entire room to achieve spectacular results. Adding carefully-selected bathroom luxuries could make all the difference.

If your room is lacking a focal point, or you’re keen to go all-out and make a statement, a beautiful freestanding bath can create a centrepiece for a room with serious style. Opt for a simple, chic modern tub or channel a romantic, vintage vibe with a roll top bath with clawed feet. Once you’ve chosen a bath, you can run with the hotel theme and add double sinks and an oversized, rain shower head.

Create a tranquil vibe

Many of us are used to living our lives at a hundred miles per hour, and we crave a moment of downtime to pause, reflect, and relax. Your bathroom should be a tranquil space that allows you to unwind and enjoy a well-earned time out. If you’re stressed out, you’re tired, or you feel like you’ve been swimming against the tide or spinning plates all week, retreating to the bathroom for a hot shower or a leisurely soak in the bath could be just the tonic.

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How to: Create a Relaxing Bathroom for Self-Care Weekends | UK Lifestyle Blog

To create a peaceful, calming vibe, opt for low-level lighting, choose neutral tones for the walls and add candles and plants. Use wall-mounted shelves or cupboards with drawers to prevent clutter, and add soothing aromas using diffusers or scented candles. You could also place a freestanding speaker inside your bathroom and create a bespoke bath time playlist.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve chosen colours for the walls, and you’ve selected a bath, a shower unit and sinks, it’s time to elevate the design of your bathroom to the next level with accessories and finishing touches. You can add colour or use details and accents to carry a theme.

If you’re a fan of the understated, Scandinavian vibe, for example, stick to a palette of white, grey, and black, and add plant pots, a stylish, printed bath mat and matching granite toothbrush and toilet brush holders. If you’re on a mission to create a romantic Parisian bathroom, complement a roll top bath with a vintage mirror, vases of fresh flowers, and an ornate, decorative vanity unit.

How to: Create a Relaxing Bathroom for Self-Care Weekends | UK Lifestyle Blog

If your bathroom isn’t quite cutting the mustard, and you’re looking to design a luxurious space that promotes self-care and relaxation, you don’t have to blow the budget or have years of experience in interior design to achieve a stunning transformation. Create a focal point, think about the styles and themes you like, and use finishing touches and finer details to produce a personalised space that is both stylish and serene.

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