The Ultimate Guide To Planning The Perfect Summer Garden Party

Last month I hosted a festive party at my house with all my closest friends to get in the Christmas spirit. Without blowing my own trumpet, it was the best party I’ve been to in a while (from what I remember). Partially because nobody has parties anymore, and it was also great to get together with some people I haven’t seen in a while. 

The hangover that followed wasn’t so great, nor was the broken shelf or remember the fact I almost set my house on fire (it’s a long story, basically bioethanol fireplaces can be dangerous when intoxicated!). It got me thinking, I’ll probably not be having a house party again in the near future to avoid damaging my home, but it was so good I wanted to anyway. It got me thinking about planning another garden party this spring/summer..

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Garden Party | UK Lifestyle Blog

Hosting a garden party is a wonderful way of getting friends and family together and enjoying some wonderful outdoor time. But for it to be a success there are somethings that you need to make sure are correct. Read on to find out what they are. Then you can throw a gorgeous garden party that will all your guest will enjoy and will be remembered with fondness for years to come.

Your garden

Before you even consider the idea of throwing a garden party, it is wise to check the state that your outdoors areas are in. Your garden needs to be in great condition to host an outdoor event like this for two reasons.

The first is that you want it to look as beautiful as possible. No one wants to party amongst weeds and decay. But if you get it right, your garden party can have a magical quality. So make sure that have enough flowers and plants, as well as additional decoration like paper pom poms, bunting, and fairy lights. You lawn too also need to be in good condition so ensure that you start to treat it well before the date of your get together.  The other reason you want you garden to be in good condition is that it need to be robust enough to stand all of those people spending time in it.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Garden Party | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s unlikely that they will do any major damage. Unless you are planning more of a festival style get together where folks may get a little boisterous, rather than the traditional, refined English style garden party. Your garden still needs to be healthy to give it the best chance. If it is not in good condition, then any additional wear and tear, throwing an outdoor party can cause might be responsible for damaging the lawn or low flowering trees and shrubs. Which if they are already struggling, might not be able to recover.

Another issue concerning the garden, when you are throwing an outdoor party like this, is to check that it is as safe as possible. Remember you won’t be able to keep an eye on every guest for the entire duration of the celebration. This means poisonous plant are a no-no, especially if people are bringing young children or their pets.  Paths and rails should also be checked to see if they are sturdy enough to deal with a high volume of traffic that comes with having a party outdoors. You don’t want anyone to have a slip or fall.

The invites

The next element of getting your garden party on track is to sort your invitations. You can, of course, get these made up by professional printers. Or, if you are looking for a more cost-efficient option why not make them yourself? To do this, try and involve the garden theme in the invite, as this will help set the tone and get people in the right frame of mind. You can include silk flowers or even dried flowers picked from your very own garden as decorations for this.

You should include all the relevant information on your invitations. Such as the date and the start and finish times. You can also add the entrance you expect the guest to use, in case you would like them to enter the garden directly while bypassing the house. The dress code of your gathering is also important.  Remember it may be worth politely reminding some of the ladies involved that stiletto shoes are not suitable for this type event. As while a wonderful for aerating your lawn, they may cause some awkward moments when they become stuck in the soil.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Garden Party | UK Lifestyle Blog

The food

Once your invitations have gone out, then it is time to start thinking about the food and refreshments to offer your guest at your party. It really is up to you what you provide, but try to make the food different to what would be on offer at a BBQ.

That means items should be refined and elegant. Try things like hot hors d’oeuvres, finger sandwiches and individual desserts like Eton Mess. It is important that everything should be easy to eat, without sitting down so people can mingle at will, and not get in a terrible mess.

The drinks

Drinks are another important element for garden party success. Again you want to aim for refinement and elegance. So provide something that will be refreshing on the, hopefully, hot summers day that you will host your event.

Pimms is a wonderful option for this, as it includes the use of ice, as well as fresh fruits and is deliciously and thirst quenching. Of course, champagne and prosecco are always appropriate for these types of occasions. Add blackcurrant liqueur for Kir Royales for that extra bit of pizazz.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Garden Party | UK Lifestyle Blog

The seating

While the idea for the most garden parties is that the guests stand and circulate for most of the time, you will want to provide some seating for people.

You can do this by gathering your own furniture and making them uniform by covering them with crisp white table linens. Or, you can choose to hire coordinating items for a more cohesive look.

Providing facilities

Something else that you will need to provide when having a garden party is toilet facilities for you guests.

It can be a useful idea to consider a firm like elegance toilet hire. They will provide excellent luxury toilet blocks for your guests. So they are not inconvenienced while outside or end up tracking mud all through your home.

Providing cover

Lastly, one of the most important, but often forgotten aspects of a successful garden party is making sure that there is cover available. The cover is essential both in sunny and wet weather.

When it is hot, people will want to take refuge in the shade after a maximum of 30 minutes in the sun. Especially if they are dressed in their best clothes. Which might not be the most comfortable or cool.

Conversely, it is also important to provide some cover, in case the worse happens and the heavens open on your get together. You certainly don’t want it to be a wash out after putting so much effort and time into organising it. So having something like marquee can help you carry on with the festivities, even if you are faced with the odd downpour.

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