The Ultimate Guide To What You Need In Your Office

Whether you’re thinking of going freelance or you just spend a couple of hours at the weekend on your blog, it’s important you have an office that you feel productive in. Here’s my list of essentials for any home office:

The Ultimate Guide to What You Need In Your Office | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Good lighting

It is essential you have good lighting in your office; otherwise, you will be straining to see things, and this will not be good for your eyes. Not only that, light can essentially set the whole mood and atmosphere of the office.

Comfortable chair

Not only should your chair be extremely comfortable, but it should also be adjustable, so you have the maximum amount of comfort and control. If you don’t have a good chair, you can expect to experience problems in the future with your back and neck. There are many styles of chairs to choose from so have a look online or go to some furniture shops so you can try them out for yourself.

Some foliage!

Getting a plant is a lovely way to add some visual interest inside your office. But not only that, they can also have other benefits like air purification and creating separation between different parts of a room.

The Ultimate Guide to What You Need In Your Office | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Quick computer and internet

It is essential that you have a good quality computer with high-speed internet. You will be doing most of your work on it, so it has to function brilliantly otherwise it could potentially slow you down, and you may not be able to finish objectives on time.

Printer scanner

Most office jobs will need things printed out and scanned, so it’s easier to get an all in one device instead of one printer, and one scanner. Consider what your job will need from you, so you know what will be best to invest it.

Drawers to hide away your things

Everyone needs drawers in their office; this is where you will put all your items in. They are a great use for storage and easy to access. Think about adding stainless steel drawer slides; this will ensure they open and close smoothly.

The Ultimate Guide to What You Need In Your Office | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Desk supplies and stationery

You must make sure you have all the necessary supplies and stationery. This will include things like pens, paper, highlighters, pencils, rubbers, paper clips, post it notes, etc. Make sure to keep your desk organised so you can find everything easily when needed.

Snacks (and a lot of them!)

It is always a good idea to keep snacks around with you in case you get peckish but are deep in work. Anything from fruit to crisps and chocolate, but make sure you keep count of what you are munching on otherwise you will find yourself gaining weight and not realising why!

Radio or sound system

Radios are great to keep in an office because not only can you hear about any important news announcements, you can listen to music. This will set a relaxing or energetic environment for you and others. (Depending on what kind of music you listen to.)

Plenty of tea and coffee

You can’t call it an office if you can’t make tea and coffee. This is not just because people enjoy the taste, it also has caffeine in to keep you going for the day. And it’s an excuse to take a little break.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Author: Sam Charles

Meet Sam, the creator behind UK lifestyle blog, Strawberry Squeeze 🍓 Sam is a newlywed living in Cornwall studying her PgDip in Strategic Direction and Leadership with the Chartered Management Institute 🍕🐰 She's also the Founder + Director of multi-award-winning SEO & PPC agency, Float Digital ✨

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