Tips For Choosing The Right Fabrics For Your Bedroom


If you’re looking for ideas to revamp your bedroom, it can be difficult to know where to start. Choosing new fabrics, from curtains to linens, is a simple way to make a big impact in your room – but with so much choice on offer, it can easily become overwhelming.

For style inspiration, you can head to specialist sites like CurtainWorld and take a look at their fabric galleries. Meanwhile, here are a few simple steps that should make picking your perfect bedroom materials much more straightforward.

Tips for choosing the right fabrics for your bedroom | UK Lifestyle Blog

Pinpoint your style

First thing’s first, what style are you aiming for? If you’re contemplating a minimalistic and airy space, simple cotton and linen fabrics in light colours are definitely a good starting point.

Heavy fabrics like velvet and chenille are perfect for creating a more luxurious and romantic setting, and work really well as bedspreads and cushions. Or, if you want to keep things more understated and natural, materials like jute for bedroom blinds can make a nice addition to modern interiors.

Fit for purpose

Functionality also plays a part in selecting bedroom fabrics. Blackout blinds can be a lifesaver for people who do shift work, and easy-iron bedding is fantastic for those of us with hectic lifestyles that don’t have time to tackle a king-size linen duvet cover every week.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that what may look amazing might not suit your particular needs, so think about how you’ll be using it and how much maintenance it requires beforehand.

Make a statement

With such a wide range of fabrics available, there are plenty of ways you can bring a bit of personality to your room.

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For smaller spaces, less is more. A patterned fabric blind could make a big impact against a simply decorated and neutral room. To add a sense of opulence, dressing your windows with fabric pelmets can help to create a feature of your room and draw attention to the views from your windows.

A splash of colour can also breathe new life into a run of the mill bedroom. A bright colour choice for bedding or curtains can help get you motivated for the day, while bold, deep colours can help promote restfulness.

The good news is that with such a wide variety of bedroom fabrics available, there is certainly a style to suit everyone’s needs. Hopefully these handy tips will help narrow down your options and help you make the right choice. If not, at least you’ve got a good excuse to pore over more lifestyle magazines, right?

Do you have any tips for choosing bedroom fabrics?

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