Tips For Deep-Cleaning Your Home This Summer

It’s the time of year most people love, as Spring is the turn from the harsh winter to the promise of warmer, brighter days. The seasonal change gives people the boost they need to declutter their homes and have a renewed place to be, hence it’s called spring cleaning.

It’s so much more than tidying away the clothes and taking the rubbish to the skip; it’s cleaning the skirting boards and even getting a new lick of paint on a stained kitchen ceiling. It truly does mean that the house needs to be turned inside out, but finding the time if you’re working or busy is hard!

Tips for Deep-Cleaning Your Home This Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog

There are some spring cleaning jobs your house will need so that you can feel like your life and your home are both in order, creating harmony where previously there has been chaos. With these tips, you can align that harmonious feeling and feel ready to achieve your summer goals.

Begin by decluttering your home

Before you can arm yourself with a mop, you need to go through all the stuff. Stuff in the cupboards, on the counters and on the floor, that may have been piled ready to put away needs to actually be put away. There are plenty of self-help guides out there that tell you that if something doesn’t mean anything to you, to bin it. That holding on to clutter that is of no real use isn’t worth holding onto.

Create a plan

Get some research done on pest control treatments for the house and get prepared. Warmer weather can mean wasps nests in the eaves of the house, ants in the kitchen and breeding mice in the attic. Arm your home with the right treatments and you can ensure that your house stays pest-free, meaning you have less cleaning to do. Spring clean those pesky pests out of your home before the weather gets warmer.

Breathe some life into old clothes

People focus on cleaning their homes and clearing out their wardrobes when they’re doing a deep clean… remember you can revive old clothes. Whenever I start digging through my wardrobe I start finding items of clothing I forgot I had. In the summer I notice some of my white dresses don’t look very white anymore. Instead of wasting money on more clothes I don’t need, and adding to landfill, why not brighten up old whites? I’ve been used Dr Beckmann and it works a treat.

Tips for Deep-Cleaning Your Home This Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog

Look down!

Every floor in your home needs that once over. You probably hoover and mop fairly often, but we’re talking moving all the furniture out, relaying carpet that is tired and patching broken lino. Don’t just put the couch down over that old spaghetti stain, reinvest in your home a little and have something brand new. Failing that, get the mop and bucket out and squeaky clean the lot!

It’s in the details

The details in your cleaning matter. Those cabinets have a top and those tops gather dust, which creates dust mites. And it’s not easy to eliminate dust mites. People may not see it, you may not notice it, but it’s there! Get up on a stepladder and clean the tops of the cabinets, the tops of the door frames and even the light fixtures. Dust gathers and can decrease your air quality without you even realising. Pay attention to the details you normally would ignore and feel satisfied that your home is clean again.

Don’t forget about plumbing

Your drains need some TLC. You may not see it, but the hair down the plughole and the grease in the kitchen sink all cause issues in your plumbing. Use strong drain cleaners and get to work clearing the pipes. Water will flow better and you’ll reduce the risk of having a plumbing emergency in the long term.

Spring cleaning is a chore, so don’t expect it to be done in the space of one weekend. Take your time and give your house the blitz it needs to sparkle.

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