Using Aromas To Make Your Home More Comfortable

All kinds of elements go into making your home comfortable. The way you decorate your home, the colours, textures and furnishings all have an impact on how pleasant a room is to be in. They are all important because they have an impact on the ambiance of a room and, therefore, on how you feel when you are in that room.

However, something has an even bigger impact on the way a home feels. The way your home smells. Humans are super sensitive to smell. Far more sensitive than many people realise. In fact, our sense of smell is the most heightened of all of our senses.

Studies have shown that a single smell can bring memories and the associated feelings flooding back. How food smells plays a big role in whether we want to eat it or put it in the bin. For humans aromas are an important part of our world and have a big impact on how we feel and they can be used to help to make your home more comfortable and functional. Studies show that aromas can trigger 75% of human emotions.

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As a result, there are many opportunities to use aromas to make a home a more relaxing place to be. Modern aroma chemicals make it possible for any smell to be re-created, so there are many different fragrances out there for you to experiment with. To get you started and coming up with ideas, here are just a few examples of how you can use aromas to enhance your home environment.

Relax in the bedroom

If you are having trouble sleeping, consider introducing the aromas of chamomile, lavender, jasmine, bergamot or rose and sandalwood into your bedroom. They have all been scientifically proven to help people to relax. It is best to try one aroma at a time. Everyone is a little different, but the most effective is lavender, therefore, it makes sense to start with that one first.

Be more productive in your home office

Certain aromas have been proven to stimulate the mind and to improve concentration. Using these in your home office or the area where your kids do their homework will help you and them to focus and to remember more.

Peppermint and rosemary both improve concentration. Basil also improves concentration and is a memory booster. It is particularly good if you are feeling fatigued. It can lift the spirits and make it easier to concentrate.

Refresh and clean the air in your living room

Not all aromas have to come from scented candles or air fresheners. You can tap into the power of the natural aromas given off by plants.Adding some large plants to your living room is a good way to lift your mood, make the room look better and to clean the air.

Good options are bamboo, Gerber daisies, Chrysanthemums, scented Geraniums, Jasmine and Eucalyptus. All of these plants grow well indoors, cleanse the air and smell great.

Energising fragrances for the gym

Citrus scents have been proven to have an energising affect on most people. You can buy lemon, orange and grapefruit scents, or opt to have a couple of citrus trees in your gym or exercise room. Several of the dwarf varieties will grow well if placed near a sunny window. The gym is also a good place to use eucalyptus and peppermint fragrances.

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