The Secrets Of Picking The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Living Room

Have you ever wondered why you prefer some people’s homes to others? Or, why you find some places appealing, and others make you feel uneasy? Have you ever asked yourself why you are attracted to one item over another? The simple answer: colour.

Did you know that the colour of an object or architectural item affects our response to it? The effects colours have on us are significant, but subtle. The colour of a room won’t instantly change your mood. However, your mind will respond to the colour.

The Secrets Of Picking The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Living Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

Although there may not be an immediate effect, over time you may find that a particular colour causes you to become stressed or anxious. That is why it is important to take your time when picking out a paint colour for your home.

For our guide to choosing the perfect paint colour for your living room, have a read of this.

Think about your options

To get started have a think about colours that you like or feel drawn to, such as pastel blue or jade green, for example.

It is also a good idea to think about the furniture, carpet and accessories that will be in the living room, and draw inspiration from them. Remember, the paint colour you pick, needs to work well with the rest of your living room.The Secrets Of Picking The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Living Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

Take the mood of the room into account

When choosing a paint colour, it is also important to think about the atmosphere of the room. For example, do you want your living room to be soothing and calm or energetic and dramatic?

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Darker colours, like rouge and navy, create a dramatic feel. Bright and bold colours, like yellow and orange, create a lively and energetic atmosphere. And, soft, cool neutrals, like pastel blue, create a calmer mood.

Think about the type of living room you want to create. Do you want a fun, family orientated space? Do you want a lounge with a calm and relaxing atmosphere? Or, do you want a living space that is dramatic?

Think about paint finishes

When picking out a paint for your living room, the colour is not the only thing you should be thinking about. The paint finish you choose will determine how bright the paint is, how easy to clean it is and what effect it has.

The Secrets Of Picking The Perfect Paint Colour For Your Living Room | UK Lifestyle Blog

Did you know that a single colour of paint can look entirely different when applied in different finishes? That is why it is important to take some professional advice before beginning to decorate your living room. To book a professional consultation, have a look on and arrange a meeting.


Before painting an entire room in a colour, experiment in your utility room or bathroom, or on a piece of unused plyboard. Instead of buying a large tin of paint, invest in a tester tin, to start with. So, that you haven’t wasted money if you don’t like the look of the colour.

Once you have painted a small area, allow the paint to dry and have a look at the results. It may be that you don’t like the colour after all, or that you love it even more than you thought you would.

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