Tips To Create Your Dream Bedroom Design

Everyone loves those lazy weekend mornings in bed when you can just snuggle right down and forget about the world. We all love to feel squishy and warm tucked up in our beds with little else to do but be cozy. If you are done with that minimalist look and you want something luxurious and full of texture and volume, then read on to find out what changes you need to make this spring.

Start with the bed. If you have had your bed for ten years or more, you definitely need to consider changing it. For a start, technologies have moved on, and sizes are to the max. Take a look at places like Factory beds direct and see if you can get yourself a great bargain on something, big, soft and completely indulgent. After all, sleep is the most important tonic there is, and not getting enough of it can be seriously detrimental to your health.

Tips to create your dream bedroom design | UK Lifestyle Blog

Take your time when bed shopping to consider the biggest size you can go to. Do you want storage solutions? Do you want memory foam or gel foam? If not, are you happy with the bounce of a spring mattress? Once you have measured up, you are going to need all new bedding, starting with a good mattress protector. You may also want a valance to help create that voluptuous and sensual feel in the bedroom. Everything should be soft, soft, soft, and a fresh white valance around the bottom of your bed can really help.

Your quilt or duvet cover should be rich in colour and feel, so pick heavy fabrics and deep shades of ruby and plum and sapphire. Try some matching curtains, or make your room a little more eclectic with a collection of similar shades of the same colour. Light fittings should scream luxury and chic, so pick something more chandelier and less LED spot this time. Mirrors double the effect of everything you have in the room, so try for a mirrored cabinet, wardrobe door, or big dresser mirror.

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If your budget can stretch to it, try a really deep pile carpet you can squeeze between your toes. If you have pets or young children, you may prefer a dark hardwood floor with sensuous faux fur rug at the bottom of your bed that can be machine washed. Fill your room with all the things and photos you love, and make this a cozy little den of indulgence. You can light candles and throw fairy lights around to create soft, romantic lighting.

Your dream bedroom can be anything you want it to be, but it should always be the very best place to sleep. This is your private space where no friends or strangers will ever see, so be kind to yourself and let your inner being be in this room. Enjoy the space, and snuggle into that 15 tog duvet for an indulgent evening.

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