Bedroom Design Hacks: We’ve Redecorated The Bedroom!

Have you ever had the pleasure of staying in one of those huge grand hotels? Where the rooms are massive, luxurious, and decked out to be super classy? If you have, you will know exactly the sort of bedroom I mean. Staying in these fancy hotels and stylish Airbnb apartments has given me heaps of inspiration, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks redecorating (the big reveal is coming soon!).

As much as we love traveling, having a home I love coming home to is so important to me. When I moved into my new build a couple of years ago, of course, I decorated it exactly how I wanted it! However, I didn’t quite get the chance to step back and focus on the details, because so much was happening at once. Now I’ve had time to think carefully about each room and it’s been so exciting making our house a home.

Here’s my top bedroom decorating hacks that I’ve stolen from our recent travels..

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog
Mid-century chair c/o DFS and upholstered by me! Read more here

The walls

Now, the walls are an important feature in any room, but in the bedroom, they can totally make or break your look. While you might find heavy damask wallpapers in luxe hotels, to keep your room at home modern and airy, try a plain white wall instead. Using this colour will stop the room become too old-fashioned or oppressive. Remember too that you can add texture and opulence with personalized decorations, pictures, and hangings instead of wallpaper.

The furniture

Now, furniture in a grand but modern-looking bedroom can often be a sticking point, as some people get confused as to what sort of style they should be using. But the easy answer is that you are not limited to any one particular type, as long as you dress the rest of the room well.

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

For example, you might choose to use classic mahogany pieces like these ones available at But then combine them with light walls and modern, bold patterns on the fabrics you use in the room to keep it looking up to date. Or you can use sleek Scandinavian style furniture, but increase the opulence in the room, with very plush high-end fabric and rugs. The choice is entirely yours.

The mirror

Something that is vital in a grand bedroom has a property place in which to get ready for the day. That is actually a dressing table with a mirror. Choose something on a large scale, and try to incorporate some backlights to make it as useful as it is attractive. Chose a similar style for coherence or clash styles for an interesting, eclectic look.

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

The bed

So for grandeur, you need to get the biggest best that you can a) fit in the room, and b) afford. For most folks that will be a super king bed. Another option is a plush 10-inch mattress in a box, which can be shipped to your home. Which are usually so big that you have to roll over several times to snuggle with your other half during the night. You will also want a plush, but modern style headboard for this look. Tufted headboards are very in right now. As are sleek modernist styles so you have a few that you can choose from.

You will need to dress is properly. That means not a just pillow and a duvet cover but going for the full works including shams, beds runners, and throw pillows. You can find out more about this at Not only will these accessories ensure that your bedroom looks luxurious, but they will help you to be as comfortable as possible. Just remember to go for something with a geometric design or stripe to keep it as modern as possible.

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Finishing touches

If you’ve been my house it’s pretty clear to see that I hate clutter. But there are a few little bits and pieces I like having around the house because it makes it feel like home. My latest is obsession is buying crystals.

I also have candles everywhere, and I always like to have some flowers blooming because they make my home feel so fresh and smell so good. I’m totally in love with Bloom Magic right now because their roses that arrive in a hat book make my bedroom look Pinterest-ready in 3 seconds flat. My room is now full of positive vibes 🔮✨

Bedroom design hacks: We've redecorated the bedroom! | UK Lifestyle Blog

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