What Does Your Bed Say About You?

Are you the type of person who has to sleep with two pillows or does just the one do it for you? Do you dress your bed with cushions or do you find them completely pointless?  Find out what your bed says about you here.

What Does Your Bed Say About You? | UK Lifestyle Blog

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You Sleep With…

One Pillow

Well, aren’t you practical? You have one pillow and you use it. There’s no fuss or frills, you just need one to serve its purpose – to support your head as you sleep! When you stay in a hotel, you toss those extra pillows out of bed.

Two Pillows

You like to be prepared for all situations. If one of your pillows gets too hot, you can swap it with the other. If you fancy sleeping with a firmer pillow tonight and a softer pillow tomorrow, you can do so without causing chaos; it’ll be right there! In your eyes, two pillows is the way forward and you wouldn’t dream of sleeping with just the one.

Two Pillows Plus Decorative Pillows

Your parents always dress their bed with decorative pillows and you’ve followed suit. In your opinion, a bed isn’t made until it’s adorned with luxury, decorative pillows in addition to two pillows each. You are traditional and you love your bed looking like it’s straight out of an interior design magazine.

Yours bed is a…


You’re an extremely tidy person who likes to find a home for everything. That side table next to your bed? It’s just for show; you wouldn’t dream of scattering it with your bits and pieces. You’re a style conscious individual who likes to keep clutter to an absolute minimum, which is why you love your divan bed. Its in-built storage solutions are your saviour.

Metal Bed

You’re super stylish and your boudoir is no different. Your bed flaunts a gorgeous pallet bed frame which is certain to make a statement, just like you. You’re one to stay up to the minute when it comes to trends, which is why you’ve opted for a contemporary metal bed.

Fabric Bed

Prosecco parties, dining out more than you stay in to cook and buying clothes like your wardrobe has a hole in it; you like all the fine things in life. You’d be lost without a bit of luxury and your bed is no different. A beautiful, upholstered bed is you all over.

Wooden Bed

The idea of snuggling up on your sofa in front of the log fire with a glass of wine is your idea of a perfect Friday night. You love home comforts and will always choose a cosy night in over a night out on the town. Your wooden bed boasts a homely feel, which is where your heart is.

Your Bedding is…


There’s something about crisp white bedding; it’s a timeless choice that always looks wonderfully elegant…if you keep it clean. If your bed flaunts white bedding, you’re likely to be a neat and tidy person. You like everything to look pristine, which is why you go for white.


You’ll choose patterned bedding over plain any day, but which pattern? If you’re a fan of a floral print then you’re likely to be playful and outgoing. Is animal printed bedding more your cup of tea? Then you’re certainly not afraid to make a statement. And if you go crazy for polka dots then you’re likely to be full of fun.


According to you, there are more important things in life than having matching bedding. In your case, anything goes. You’re a spontaneous individual who doesn’t do things by the book. However, just because matching sheets aren’t important to you, it doesn’t mean you skimp on comfort. Your bedding may not match, but it feels like heaven to sleep on.

Not on Your Bed

If this is the case, you’re probably a very busy person. In fact, do you even sleep at home? If you do, you probably sleep on the sofa or just crash out on a bare bed. Making your bed is clearly not on your agenda; you’re probably too busy to even cook yourself a meal from scratch, let alone make the bed.  

However, bedding or no bedding, you should always make time to rest. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, perhaps you need to think about replacing your mattress or buying a new bed altogether.

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