3 Reasons You Should Be a Freelancer

Knowing when to go full-time self employed is a tricky decision, especially when you have a mortgage, car and an unhealthy obsession with holidays. More and more people are choosing to work from home, telecommuting or running their own businesses – and if you can, why not?

If you are still getting up at six on dark mornings to head off for your commute this might help persuade you there is another way. Home working or telecommuting is here to stay. There has never been a better time to do it, and if you need persuading, here’s why.

3 reasons you should be a freelancer | UK Lifestyle Blog

You can wear what you want

You get to work in your PJs! It may not be the most ethical, sensible reason every devised. But it’s true, and it is very satisfying. Yes, home workers can move from bed to coffee pot and desk without so much as taking off their slippers. It is an incredibly snug feeling. You are not judged, by anyone other than the parcel delivery person.

You can shower when you want, go out for a run when it suits you, and nobody can tell you any different. Working from home, you could dress up as Belle if you wanted. You can work in jeans, fluffy jumpers, old sweatpants and a t-shirt. Or you could dress up for the home office with all the trimmings. PJs win hands down every day. Just make sure skype video is not working when it’s conference time.

It’s cheaper and more economical

It’s not just that you don’t have to make sandwiches or eat out at lunch time. Working from home brings serious savings in terms of business and costs. For example, you no longer have to commute. You can streamline all your tech needs into an affordable package.

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You’ll have all the technology you need at your fingertips to communicate with the entire globe. Planet Numbers will save you a fortune on calls as well as providing you with a memorable number for your business. Other services such as call answering can give you the professional aura of a much bigger business.

You get peace and quiet

Or you get to play Rock Fm – working from home means, you choose the ambience. It’s all down to you. There are no distractions, other than the family or the dog. Then again you can turn up the volume whenever you like. You can also work at your pace. You get to decide when your most productive hours are and make the most of them.

There’s no idiot colleague over the divide, and you can start when you like and finish when it suits you. Although some jobs have flexi-time – there’s nothing like picking up your laptop, just getting away, where and when you want.

Though you do need to be a little disciplined otherwise, your contract may not last that long! You will still need to work. The thing is when it is on your terms, it somehow seems that little bit easier.

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