7 Ways I Changed My Life For The Better.. And You Can Too!

Despite not always too quick to admit it, a lot of people are unhappy about something in their lives. I know, I used to have a lot of issues with the place my life was. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with the way your life is at the moment, then getting your enthusiasm back can be as simple as making a change or two. You might feel as if something’s missing, but find it hard to put your finger on what. Consider these suggestions I’ve put together. I’m not promising any miracle cures, but getting in the right mindset can open the door to a new, refreshed you.

7 ways I changed my life for the better.. and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Try learning another language.

Seen as you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’re only fluent in English. We English-speaking nationalities tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to learning other languages. Give it a try outside of the stuffy confines of a classroom. You could find learning a second language much more enjoyable than you might expect. Software and apps for learning a language can be bought pretty inexpensively. Free materials like the podcasts on www.openculture.com are also a great way to learn. Whichever language you choose, think about the feeling of surprising your friends and family when you bump into a native speaker!

Try your best to cut down on TV.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some series which I think everyone simply has to see. However, getting into a looping, hypnotic cycle of sitting and staring can really bring a person’s mood down. Yes, some shows are truly artful. However, we all know what most of it is made up of. Ridiculous commercials, mind-numbing reality shows and unimaginative dramas with sub-par acting. If you feel like you don’t have the time to change your life, then this may be the answer! At the time of day you’d usually switch on the box, try something you’d never usually do.

Change your style.

I know, I always go on about refreshing your style. It’s my blog; love it or leave it! Changing your style to reflect how you’re feeling can do a lot more for your outlook than some people would believe! You’re not just changing the aesthetic features of your life. There are all kinds of things you can tweak and play with to make sure everything in your life works in harmony with the person you are. If you’re satisfied with your wardrobe, then consider some new things for your home. http://www.mollieandfred.co.uk/ is a good place to start. Here, you can find all kinds of quirky bits and pieces to reflect your personality.

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Try changing your sleeping habits.

Again, this is something which can be much more effective than people imagine. You might have a lot of responsibilities, which are pushing you to have less and less sleep. We all know that this can make you feel like a zombie in the mornings. You may have the opposite problem; a lack of responsibilities and the freedom to lie in all day. I love lie-ins as much as the next girl, but getting up early can be a miracle cure for those lethargic mornings. You can find more tips for healthy sleeping habits at www.sleepfoundation.org

Try your hand at photography.

Don’t certain beautifully captured images make you feel great? I know I can spend hours going through the portfolios of gifted photographers. Smartphone cameras are becoming more and more sophisticated, and photo-based social media is becoming more prevalent. There’s no better time to start! Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a Guerrillero Heroico shot straight away. The world is full of beauty, whether you find it in a greasy spoon or up a mountain. Just keep an eye out, and soon you’ll have some pictures you can really be proud of. You can find some great tips at www.digitalcameraworld.com.

Talk to strangers.

No matter how shy you feel you are, striking up conversation with anyone you happen to bump into can be a great habit to get into. Obviously, there’s some luck involved here. You might start making small-talk with the most boring person on the planet, or an acolyte from some kind of cult. Still, there’s a chance that you might meet your new best friend, or at least someone with some incredible stories. General interaction with other humans can be great for improving your mood. It can also help you into a more open mind, which can lead to all sorts of other adventures.

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Find your life purpose.

Yes, that’s easier said than done. In western society, we’re slightly inclined to aspire to be singers, movie stars and so on. It may surprise you to learn that an admirable life purpose doesn’t have to be anywhere near as grand. You probably fill a number of roles already which you don’t give much thought to. Even if you don’t, finding something which you can devote yourself to is easier than you might think. Personal development blog stevepavlina.com has a great post on this exact subject.

If you haven’t jumped on one of these suggestions straight away, I hope they’ve at least got you thinking. Explore yourself, try different things, and pretty soon I’m sure you’ll figure out what you’re missing. “Change your life” is an awfully big command, but it doesn’t need to be the ordeal you may be imagining!

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